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YouTube Monetization Strategies

Current YouTube Monetization Strategies

Several years ago, music artists were the main individuals benefiting from YouTube’s platform. Various musicians went from rags to riches overnight because they were able to reach millions on the social video platform.

However, the platform expanded, now content creators, advertisers, viewers, marketers and businesses can benefit from the largest social video platform in the world.

Several methods of monetization have been implemented for content creators to benefit from over the past years. YouTube has made several efforts to provide publishers with more opportunities to earn revenue. This has led to publishers generating more revenue. In fact, many publishers have increased their income earning from the latest YouTube monetization efforts.

There are mainly 8 strategies content creators exploit to get paid.
  1. Publishers can get paid from sponsorships.
  2. YouTube’s Partner Program.
  3. Selling merchandise.
  4. Promoting affiliate products.
  5. Promoting personal products.
  6. Advertising websites or blogs.
  7. Make money from YouTube premium.
  8. Earning revenue from super stickers and super chat.
YouTube's platform is the most dominant social video sharing site in the world. Most people around the world use the platform to view video content.

Given these points, most businesses use YT to promote their products and brands because most of their customers are on the site watching videos. As a result, a window of opportunity is open for content creators to earn generously.

YouTube's Statistics
  • People watch over a billion hours of video content on YouTube's platform.
  • Almost a third of the people who use the internet are YouTube users.
  • An average user visits the platform 14 times a month. Actively remaining on the platform about 25 minutes per visit.
  • On an average month almost 2 billion active users' login.
  • Over 400 hours of content is uploaded on the network every minute.
  • Has a global reach of 91 countries.
  • Translates content in 80 different languages.
  • Around 70% of the traffic comes from a mobile device.
  • Globally ranks as the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.

How Does a YouTuber Get Paid

Monetizing ads is the main way publishers make money. Currently a publisher must have 1000 subscribers to become eligible to monetize ads. However, over the last year several publishers are relying on different methods to earn revenue.

Earning from a paid sponsorship is the second major way a YouTuber can get paid. Many content creators are beginning to implement this strategy to increase revenue.

Content creators used to generate generous sums of revenue, earning money from ads years ago. Nonetheless, ad earnings have decreased over time. Consequently, daily more content creators are trying to find additional opportunities to get paid.

Monetizing Ads

Let's start at the beginning to see where the money comes and where the money goes. So we can discover How Does a YouTuber Get Paid. For instance, say you're a business owner selling skin care products. You've recently started your business enterprise. It cost you roughly $2000 to finance your enterprise.

Now that your business is up and running, you are looking to make a few sales and begin capitalizing to see a return. Therefore, you choose to become an influencer and market your products with hopes of driving traffic to your business.

The product you have is unique, one of a kind. There's not a company in the marketplace that carries merchandise like yours. Your products are one of a kind and will sell itself. All you need to do is get customers to your site.

Therefore, you're willing to pay for advertisements. You sign up for a Google ad-words account and start a marketing campaign. For ad placements, you choose YT to show your ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPE)

Finally you're up and running with ads being advertised on the #1 social video site online. Your advertisement appears on a monetizing video. The viewer watching the video has been looking for skin care products for the last 3 months. This viewer likes the ad and decides to click through and purchase the product.

Advertising layout

To sum it up, the advertiser pays Google to advertise their product or brand. The advertiser has a few options, they can choose to pay for clicks or pay for impressions. For instance, you pay $50 for 10,000 impressions or $50 for 200 click troughs.

Then google pays the content creator either for clicks or per impression. Please note, these are not real or actual numbers, just examples. Therefore, the money comes from advertisers. This is one strategy content creators used to earn.

This is how it works; a publisher will allow advertisers to display advertisements on their videos while viewers are watching. As previously mentioned, some advertisers pay for impressions and others pay per click.

When the video is played typically you will see a 5 - 15 second advertising campaign. This advertisement will be shown in one of three places, the beginning of the video, the middle of the video or the end of the video. The next major method of earning is from sponsorships.

Earning Money From Paid Sponsorships

Now many creators are relying on paid sponsorships as a source of revenue. Paid sponsorships are starting to dominate methods of monetization. The reason paid sponsorships are becoming more dominant is due to the fact, there are many ways to charge customers to sponsor their ad.

One method to earn from paid promotions is mentioning a product separately from your video. You can charge customers to mention their product or brand at the beginning, middle or end of your video.

Another method is when a video host posts products via text throughout the entire video. This way the audience can view the contact information throughout the video. A website or blog URL is typically the contact information that customers choose to post.

Demonstrating the customer's product is a popular promotional strategy that is commonly used by YouTubers. The video host will physically demonstrate how the product works, then give positive reviews about the product.


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How Much Money Do YouTubers Make

How Much Money do YouTubers Make?

  Have you ever wondered how much money do YouTubers make on their platform? If you have asked yourself that question, you're not alone. Many people wonder how much revenue can creators generate on YT. However, many factors must be taken into consideration to answer this question.

The most dominant video-sharing website has affected many people in different ways. On one end, viewers have been able to educate themselves on just about any matter or subject. On the other end, the platform has been used as a source of income for those who influence. At any rate, YouTube's platform has benefited viewers and content creators for years.

The social giant generates over 2 billion visitors a month. This number continues to steadily grow each year. Consequently, the amount of advertisers also tends to increase due to the platform expanding. For this reason, the amount of money influencers earn continues to increase monthly.

Grey scale US money close up,

How Much Money Publishers Make depends on Monetizing, subscriptions and traffic

The amount of money creators will make ultimately depends on monetizing, amount of subscriptions, and traffic that his/her channel/video is generating. Publishers who have been at it for a while have come to master methods to increase their revenue over the years.


Traffic is one of the main factors that determines how much publishers make. To illustrate, we will use one guy who goes by the name Tim and another guy named John. Both of these individuals upload footage on YT using the same monetizing strategy for their channels; Google adsense.

These two upload material on the same date. Tim's material generated 1000 views in the first month. Whereas John's material generated 10,000 views in the first month. More than likely John will earn more money than Tim. Due to the fact John's footage generated more views than Tim's.

However, there are cases when footage with fewer views can generate more revenue than footage that has more views. This can be done by using multiple methods of monetization. To further illustrate, using the same two individuals, Tim and John.

John uses Google adsense to monetize his channel. On the other hand, Tim uses Google adsense, YT Premium, personal products and affiliate products to monetize his channel. Tim's video generated 1000 views in the first month. Whereas John's video generated 10,000 views. Tim has the potential to earn more money than John due to the fact he has more to offer.

Channel Subscriptions

The amount of subscriptions a channel has is the second factor that determines how much compensation can be earned. When viewers subscribe to a channel, they sign up to be notified every time the owner of the channel uploads a video, which leads to the owner getting more views on to his/her channel..

To become a top earner, the ultimate goal should be to gain more channel subscriptions. Uploading material that serves value to the audience can gain more subscribers. By gaining more subscribers you increase the exposure to your channel.

In the long haul more subscriptions also builds your target audience. A target audience provides you the ability to promote products to a targeted group of people. Let's say your channel is about losing weight. Usually the people who have subscribed to your channel is interested in what you have to offer.

Lastly, subscribers are likely to share footage that they like. When viewers share YT-clips, they can potentially become a trending topic. Once a clip becomes a trend, it has the potential to go viral. This can lead to the clip gaining tons of exposure.

Monetizing Ads

Another factor that can determine how much revenue content producers generate is an internet advertising model called Cost Per Click (CPC). You many have also seen the acronym (PPC) pay per click to define this expression as well. These acronyms represent how much an advertiser is willing to pay when their ad is clicked.

The second factor that determines the revenue generated is a term called Cost Per Mile (CPM) aka cost per thousand. Cost per impression represents how much an advertiser is willing to pay for every thousand potential customers that view their ad.

If the advertiser chooses to pay per click then the producer will make money every time an ad is clicked. On the other hand, if the advertiser chooses to pay per impression, the producer will make money every time the ad reaches the desired amount of impressions.

Other monetizing strategies

The last factor that can determine how much money can be earned is the monetizing strategies that are implemented. There are many methods that individuals can utilize to monetize a channel. YouTube's top earners usually use more than one method to generate revenue from their platform. Here are a few monetizing strategies that top earners utilize:
  • Affiliate products
  • Create a brand on Yondo
  • Product placement
  • Promoting a blog or website
  • YouTube's Super Chat and Super Stickers
  • YT merchandise shelf
  • YT Partner Program
  • YT Premium

Top Influencers Earn Millions

Some get paid $100,0000 US yearly while others earn millions yearly. Then there are many content creators earning $100 - $1000 monthly. It all depends on how many viewers are watching their videos. More importantly, the amount of subscribers that subscribe to their channel.

Top Earners is 2019

  • Jeffree Star $50 million
  • Daniel Middleton $30 million
  • Felix Kjellberg $30 million
  • Mark Fischbach $24 million
  • Evan Fong $20 million
Even more, there's a kid among the top earners. This kid's name is Ryan Kaji. In 2018, Ryan Kaji was the highest paid You-tuber, earning an estimated $22 million from his videos and Walmart product line. Ryan Kaji currently has over 20 million subscribers as of November 2019. Needless to say, if this child can generate revenue online, so can your child or even you.

Given these points, there is no limit to the amount of revenue that producers can acquire uploading YT-clips. The sky's the limit for earning potential, provided the influencer remains active creating meaningful material.


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How to Make Money With a Podcast

Learn How to Make Money From Podcast

  Ad revenue continues to increase at a record setting pace. For this reason, many individuals have been trying to learn How to Make Money with a Podcast.

Currently, podcasters are generating over $1 million yearly based on data from Bloomberg Reports. According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC, in 2021 ad revenue from podcasting is projected to surpass 1 billion.

One of the main reasons for the rapid development is the diversity. This individual marketplace has a global reach, providing content in over 100 languages. while ad revenue is growing expeditiously.

A few statistics:

In 2015, ad revenue $69 million.
Two years later in 2017, ad revenue increased, estimating around $314 million.
Exactly two years after that, 2019 ad revenue generated $514 million.

Given this data, you can see why so many people are trying to learn how to make money in this marketplace. The potential to earn revenue is almost doubling each year.

To be honest, earning money from podcasts requires a great deal of time. Before choosing this method as a way to earn revenue, be sure you have enough time on your hands.

It is highly recommended to focus on your respective field when you start a platform. The reason for focusing on a respective field is to obtain a target market. A target market is the group of customers whom you market your products to. In other words, these individuals are the followers of your channel.

Podcast microphone

Starting Your Platform

You will need to choose a title for before starting your platform
  1. Choose a title - It's recommended to choose a title on subjects that interest you. More importantly, you should choose titles of subjects your knowledge about. You may want to include keywords in your title for search engine optimization purposes. 
  2. Create a description - The description should be a summary of what your title is about. Keep in mind, you're creating content when writing a description. Therefore, remember to include keywords to optimize the search engine. 
  3. Creating a cover - It is advised to pay a professional for a cover if you have no experience with graphic design. Your cover is important because it's the first thing people see when they visit your platform.

Equipment Needed

You'll need proper equipment to develop a professional sound to communicate with your viewers. Here is a list of equipment you will need.
  1. Microphone - Needed to communicate with the audience. 
  2. Pop filter or windscreen - Eliminate your plosives, letters like p, b, and k. Boom arm - Connects to the desk and the microphone.
  3. Shock mouth - Used to suspend the microphone in midair and absorb any vibrations.
  4. Usb cord with a (XLR) cable - to help you sound better. You can get the equipment listed above under $100 if you purchase the Audio-Technica ATR210-USB USB/XLR Microphone with Knox Gear Boom Arm and Shock Mount.
On the flip-side you will need a digital audio workstation for development. Mac users use Garageband and PC users use Audacity.org. The good news that is the software you'll be using is free.

Podcast concept

Ways to Make Money From Podcasts

There are several ways to begin make money from podcasts. You can monetize your platform selling digital products, affiliate products, physical products or books and eBooks. You can also generate funds coaching, consulting, advertisements, sponsorships, public speaking, live events and crowdfunding.

The way you choose to monetize should merely depend on the amount of social followers you have. It is imperative to have a monetization strategy to begin earning revenue. Some individuals believe soon as they create a platform, they can begin earning money by monetizing ads.

However, this approach will not work for several reasons. One of the main reasons is youll need a minimum of 10,000 social followers to for advertisers to consider ad placement on your platform.

Methods to monetize a platform:

Selling Digital Products

Digital products are popular as we all know. Digital products like audio, music, photography, software, video, eBooks, documents, tutorials, apps and courses.

Promote Affiliate Products

Affiliate products can come in handy. Basically you are partnering with a company by choosing to sell these products. It's free to join and sign up for affiliate programs. These programs provide your platform with a wider variety of products for your customers to choose from. Which gives you more diversity as a seller. Following the sale of a product you earn a percentage of the purchase.

Selling Physical Products

Physical products are the most profitable products to market. When you sell physical products, you earn 100 percent commission because the product belongs to you. Physical products also add more value to your channel.

Selling Books or eBooks

Selling eBooks and books are important for many reasons. The first reason is when you write books, you provide readers with another method to engage with your platform. Consequently, you achieve an important goal of marketing, staying engaged with your customers. Some channels offer their customers books and eBooks for free. Everyone loves freebies, giving out your books and eBooks for free can definitely be beneficial in the long haul.


If you have good problem solving skills, coaching people or businesses could be your respective field. You can coach people on just about any subject. You can coach people on parenting solutions, life problems, health and fitness, weight loss and nutrition among several other subjects.


You do not need to have a degree to start consulting people or businesses. You will need to have a purported expert level of knowledge on the subject you're consulting your followers about. A few types of consultants are business consultants, financial consultants, strategy consultants, social media consultants and marketing consultants.

Monetizing Ads

You'll need at least 10,000 followers to your social platform to post ads as mentioned earlier. However, earning money placing ads is one of the best ways to secure money. In 2021 the revenue generated from advertising is projected to be 1 billion. Therefore, monetizing ads can put you in a billion dollar marketplace.

Paid Sponsorships

One of the most popular ways to acquire capital is through paid sponsorships. Even more, implementing paid sponsorships on your platform can be one of the easiest methods to obtain capital. A paid sponsorship is basically a promoted post.

Most platforms use an advertising strategy called Cost Per Miles (CPM) for paid sponsorships. The definition of CPM advertising strategy is : When advertisers pay for every 1000 views or clicks.


Crowdfunding is a process that involves viewers contributing pledges and support to your platform. Honestly, many entrepreneurs use crowdfunding as a marketing strategy. This particular strategy is a way to involve the community. The viewers don’t feel like they are donating money, they feel as if their contributing to the success of the platform. Patreon.com is an efficient website for crowdfunding.