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Blogging for Money

Discover How to Successfully Start Blogging for Money

  All across the globe publishers are earning a supplemental income Blogging For Money. There are several platforms on the World Wide Web that individuals can use to create content in their spare time. Matter of fact, after learning how to monetize a blog, you can earn extra cash!

Wordpress blog

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a successful blog? In all honesty, creating a successful blog does require a bit of skill, knowledge, hard work and dedication. However, if you have a computer, lab-top, and a valid email address with a connection to the internet you're halfway there.

Creating blogs has become one of the most popular ways for publishers to earn a supplemental income. Many publishers generate thousands of dollars monthly. Even more, there are some publishers that earn millions monthly. However, publishers who are earning big money online had to start from the ground up. It all begins with the audience.

How to Create your Blog to Earn Cash

Firstly you must decide which route will you take create your blog  to earn cash. Furthermore, how will you monetize your blog. Are you trying to sell products, sell e-books, affiliate market, coach individuals, create a membership platform or simply sell private ads. How you plan to monetize will have an impact on your creation.

1. Discovering an idea or niche

For beginners first you will need to come up with an idea. You may want to do a little brainstorming before you actually start to create content. Using offline writing programs like Microsoft Word will give you access to a larger amount of tools that you will need to create your blog.

It is highly recommended to start blogging about a niche topic, a topic that you are interested in. The more interest you have on a matter, the easier it will be to stay on task.

Most importantly, if your blog post is about a topic that you know, it will seem natural blogging opposed to a job. If you have no knowledge of a topic, obviously you'll have to do tons of research. Making money online creating multiple blog posts takes time and effort. Depending on the amount of time and effort you put into your blog post you can start earning a supplemental income within months.

2. Find a host to publish your blog

Then your next step should be finding a host to publish your blog, if you are seeking to become a full time blogger. Finding a hosting company should be your first priority. That way you have more options to customize or format your blog. Giving it a more personal touch. If you choose a free blog platform to host your blog, you may not have all the control you desire.

3. Create a monetization strategy

Professionalism is upmost important to make money from content. To become successful, a seller must think like a buyer. Most buyers would like everything to be convenient and safe, especially when dealing with sharing information online. If a customer can go to your site and everything is set up professionally, good work.

If your blog appears unorganized, customers will more than likely refrain from purchasing. Therefore, keeping your content organized should be one of the top priority's.

However you must develop a monetization strategy to start generating revenue from your content.

Monetization Strategies

Selling products

Physical products
Digital products
eBooks or books
Flipping websites or blogs
Domain names
Online courses
Paid webinar

Monetizing Ads

Google adsense
Propeller ads

Selling Your Services

Ad spots on your blog

Promote Affiliate Marketing Sites

Amazon associates

4. Grasp readers attention

After coming up with an idea to start your blog, you must plan out how to retain your audience. In order to make money from your blog post, you must retain an audience. As a publisher you will come to find keeping a low bounce rate for a blog post is critical.

Therefore, it's important to grasp the reader's attention as a publisher. You must have a strategic formula to your writing style. In addition, you should consistently learn new words, writing formats and better approaches to your craft. By the same token its important that you read content similar to yours on a daily basis. This is of course if you're taking this matter seriously. Becoming better in your area of expertise is the best way to keep readers engaged in your content.

A good publisher knows the importance of grasping the attention of his/her audience. In the fast food industry they say "the customer is always right". On the internet, the audience is always right. As a publisher, you're nothing without an audience. Therefore, you must keep your audience satisfied and keep their eyes dialed in to your content.

Making your articles stand out is the first strategy to get the attention of your readers. The way you do this is by writing fascinating titles, subtitles and minor titles. Keep your keywords in mind while completing the first step. To spice it up a bit, capitalize your keywords in your titles.

5. Create valuable content

All bloggers should have ways to create valuable content. The traffic that a blog post receive depends on the content bloggers create. Here are 3 Ways to Create Valuable Content:
  1. These first impressions last forever on the internet. The internet is not like the real world. You do not get a second chance to impress people. It's a proven fact, most readers that bounce right away will rarely revisit. For this reason, you have to shoot your best shot.
  2. The first sentence you write should be eye catching. Writing a compelling first sentence is the second step to gaining your audience's attention. It's similar to writing a thesis for a term paper, but a bit more detailed and powerful.
  3. The last method to get the attention of your readers is uploading photos. Uploading photos is underrated. Statistics prove that readers are more likely to remain on a website that has photographic material. Be sure to upload photos that are related to what your blogging about. Posting random pictures on your blog serves no purpose.

6. Aim for more subscribers

As a blogger, it's extremely important to have a purported decent level of knowledge in your respective field. People all over the world will be reading what you write. Once you publish a blog post, the content you create is visible on the World Wide Web. Writing a Good Blog Post will always lead to you gaining more subscribers.

The main goal for bloggers is to drive traffic to their blog post. One method of driving traffic is by having subscribers. When readers subscribe, they are notified every time you create a new blog post. As a result, these readers are more in tune with your blogs. The other way to drive traffic is by having readers like or share your content. However, the only way readers will like or share your content is if they enjoy what they read.

A new blog post is created daily by newbies and experts worldwide. Some writers post blogs for fun, whereas others create blogs to earn cash. Every publisher has a different reason why the create content.

Step 7 Optimize your blog for the search engine

If you are aiming to generate revenue from your  content, search engine optimization with be vital for each blog post you create. The content you create will need to be fairly optimized. The content includes your title, body, images, domain name and search description.

The keywords for your blog post should be in the range of anywhere from 2-5 percent. The more you write the better: "You should try to aim for about 500-2000 characters. Search engines are paying close attention to content, therefore it is very important for your character count to be precise.

Optimizing your images is also an important step for search engine optimization. Your images will need alt tags. The images should also include keywords that explains the photo. Here is a list of important elements that needs you should take into consideration for image Seo.
  • Using a proper image name.
  • Reduce the size of your file.
  • Include images that are responsive.
  • Be sure to scale for Seo.
You do not want to spam the search engine. You could very well find your site being penalized. Which will lead to your content being excluded from the search results.

8. Always spell check your content

Using spell check and going over your blog post one or two times will not hurt. If you do not have the time to do this, there are companies and freelancers you can hire for reviewing your work. You can actually hire freelancers to assist you with projects. If your need someone to help write articles, create videos, or even optimizing keywords you may want to consider hiring help.

9. Keep it simple

Keeping things simple is the key to success. Stick to your niche if this is your first time creating content. Stay close to a subject that you have knowledge about. This will make it easy to keep adding content in the long haul.

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