YouTube Monetization Strategies

Profitable YouTube Monetization Strategies

Several years ago, music artists were the main individuals benefiting from YouTube’s platform. Various musicians went from rags to riches overnight, because they could reach millions of viewers through the platform. However, YouTube expanded! Now content creators, advertisers, viewers, marketers and businesses can benefit from current YouTube monetization strategies.

Thousands of content creators have benefited from monetization strategies over the years. YouTube has made several efforts to provide publishers with more opportunities to make money. This has led to publishers generating more revenue. Many publishers have increased their income from the latest YouTube monetization efforts.

YouTube Monetization Strategies

9 YouTube Monetization Methods

Nine profitable monetization strategies content creators can exploit to get paid:

(1) Affiliate Products
(2) Create a Brand with Yondov
(3) Google Adsense
(4) Product Placement
(5) Promoting Website or Blog
(6) Sponsorships
(7) Super Stickers Super Chat
(8) YouTube Partner Program
(9) YouTube Premium

YouTube's platform is the most dominant social video sharing site in the world. Most people around the world use the platform to view video content. Not only can publishers reach their respective audience but also make money.

Several businesses use YT to promote their products and brands, because most of their customers are on the site watching videos., a window of opportunity is open for content creators to earn generously.

1. Affiliate products

Selling affiliate products can help influencers that do not have a business. Popular affiliate networks provide publishers with a business opportunity to earn extra money on the side and be their own boss. Why not partner with a popular company that has established their brand in the marketplace?

2. Create a Brand with Yondov

Yondo extends distinct opportunities for users to earn money. You can earn money monetizing webinars, live videos or live classes. Members can also get paid selling monthly subscriptions or pre-recorded pay-per-view videos. In other words, you can use Yondo to create your brand. Then promote your business as you see fit. You can sell video courses, webinars or subscriptions.

3. Google-adsense

Google Adsense is the most popular earning strategy. To tell the truth, ad monetization is the main way publishers make money. Most YouTubers use this method because they integrate it within the platform. Not to mention it's the largest advertisement network in the world. However, you have to be approved through (YPP) to monetize. Most importantly, a publisher must have 1000 subscribers to become eligible to make money from Google Adsense.

This is how it works; a publisher will allow advertisers to display advertisements on their videos while viewers are watching. As previously mentioned, some advertisers pay for impressions, and others pay per click. You will see a 5 - 15 second advertising campaign in one of three places, the beginning of the video, the middle of the video or the end of the video.

4. Product placement

You can get paid 100 percent profit by placing your own product. You do not have to split your money anyone; the money you earn is all yours. By far this strategy has the most earning potential.

5. Promote a website or blog

Promoting or advertising through social video platforms can be rewarding. To tell the truth, many companies apply social video marketing to their marketing plan. It provides brand owners the opportunity to present powerful visuals to their customer base. Besides, some of their customers are using the platform to watch videos anyway, why not use the opportunity to promote.

6. Sponsorships

Earning from a paid sponsorship is the second major way a YouTuber can get paid. Many content creators are implementing this strategy to increase revenue. Paid sponsorships are dominating many platforms. Many creators are currently relying on this promotional strategy as a source of revenue. The reason this method is becoming so dominant is that there are many ways to charge customers to promote their ad.

One method to earn from paid promotions is mentioning a product separately from your video. You can charge customers to mention their product or brand at the beginning, middle or end of your video. Another method is when a video host posts products via text throughout the entire video. This way, the audience can view the contact information throughout the video. A website or blog URL is typically the contact information that customers choose to post.

The last method of sponsorship involves showing the audience a live demonstration on how the product works. This process involves the customer's product is a popular promotional strategy that is commonly used by YouTubers. The video host will physically show how the product works, then give positive reviews about the product.

7. Super chat and super stickers

Super Chat and Super Stickers are only available through live chat. These offer ways to connect with fans through live chat. Fans can pay for your message to be highlighted within a live chat. To be eligible, you must have at least 1000 subscribers, be at least 18 years old, and live in an eligible county. YouTube's merchandise shelf - YT partners must be 18 years old and have at least 10,000 subscribers to be eligible to sell merchandise.

8. YT Partner Program (YPP)

There are certain requirements that a publisher must meet before joining (YPP). 1) The publisher must have an active Adsense account. 2) Publishers also must have watched 4000 hours in the last twelve months. 3) Content creators must have at least 1000 subscriptions. 4) Publishers must follow all YT monetization policies. 5) Live in a country where partnership is available.

9. YT Premium

YouTube's premium channel allows customers to use their channel ad free. You must have at least 1000 active subscribers to offer YouTube premium to your fans. Customers that purchase a premium feature must be of age 18 years or older. Keep in mind it takes a while to get your channel up and running. Therefore, it's essential to focus on building your brand.