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31 Platforms to Find Freelance Work Online

Find Freelance Work

If you are looking for real ways to earn extra money to do the things you want to do, you can earn extra money from freelance work online. More importantly, you can start earning extra money from home income immediately, without upfront fees or gimmicks.

Furthermore, freelance gigs do not require a college degree or a qualified set of skills. Nevertheless, in most cases you are required to be at least 18 years old with a valid email account. For individuals who meet those requirements, congratulations, you've taken one step further to begin earning money from home.

What are freelance work opportunities? Freelance jobs, also known as Internet gigs, are internet jobs. These tasks could come in all shapes and sizes (micro, meso or macro). More importantly, there are legit, trustworthy opportunities that provide individuals with legitimate ways to earn from home. At any rate, below you'll find 31 freelance work platforms:


Contently is a freelance platform that connects businesses with publishers. This company takes pride in being the only business in its marketplace to take the three-step approach to solve clients' promotional issues. They start by targeting world-class talent publishers (you). Next, they identify content strategy (digital marketing) for their client. The last step targeting enterprises. The combination of these steps equals content mastery (marketing solution).


Fiverr - For a long time, the company listed compelling prices offering services for $5. Fast forwarding to 2019, these deals are not listed. However, if you're looking for individuals to complete projects for you, this is one of the better sites to get it done.

At, you can find gigs that include graphic designing, logos, games, posters, fliers, business cards, postcards, social media and others including:

Conversely, if you are looking for work, you can charge people for what you're worth. There are tons of businesses and gurus who do business with Fiverr. Sellers that partner with this site earn a decent income.

As mentioned before, you can name your price. Customers will give positive ratings and feedback if you provide them with excellent service. Consequently, you will attract more customers.

Freelancer is a crowd-sourcing marketplace that currently employs over 40 million employees and freelancers around the world. The company has a global reach that services 247 countries, regions and territories. Freelancer In all honesty, this is a cool company that is trustworthy and legit. Signing up for a membership is free. More importantly, members can quickly find gigs and get paid.

The back office is user-friendly and easy to navigate with an impressive affiliate program. In addition, members can enter and post a contest for a cash reward.

Freelancer provides gigs like data entry, freelance writing, software development, sales and marketing, engineering and science, design media and architecture, product sourcing and manufacturing, business and accounting, human resources and legal, language and translation along with many others.


ProBlogger was launched in 2004 by Darren Rowse. I would consider ProBlogger a site created by the people for the people. The developer of ProBlogger put more of a personal touch on this company unlike other sites in this particular marketplace. More specifically, this site was designed based on Mr. Rowse's experience to help marketers, whereas other sites in this marketplace were developed by groups of developers for profit maximization. By and large, ProBlogger is the cheapest site to hire freelancers. You can purchase service for as low as $70.

The Writer Finder

The Writer Finder might be the most expensive, but they deliver skilled on-demand workers within 72 hours. If you don't agree, you can get your money back.

How does it work? You have two options of service to choose between. The first option is to pay whenever you want services. This option doesn’t lock you into a contract or subscription. The second option is to pay for a plan. There are two plans you can purchase. The first plan is the dedicated account manager plan, which costs $2,500. The second plan is the dedicated Sr account manager, which costs $10,000. However, TheWriterFinder is accomplished. This platform specializes in connecting publishers with customers.


Upwork ranks number one in its respective markets. Annually, Upwork generates an estimated revenue of more than $1 billion, posting over three million jobs from 5 million registered customers. Over the years, the company has re-branded and merged to become one of the most dominant forces in its field beginning in 1998. In the beginning, the company was named Elance, 4 years later (2003) oDesk, 10 years after that (2013) oDesk-Elance, two years later (2015) and currently Upwork. I personally have not used this platform, but according to positive reviews and satisfied clients, the company is legitimate.

Additional Freelance Agencies

How do you find the right agency to team up with? For beginners, it's important to search for agencies that cater to your talents. As a digital publisher, you can network with thousands of authors worldwide working from home by joining this network. Networking with fellow authors will help those who have questions or seeking to learn more. Most sites usually have forums for members to network. Publishers can find freelance writing gigs on the following platforms:

  1. Artisan Creative
  2. Bestpickist
  3. B Michelle Pippin
  4. BloggingPro
  6. Constant Content
  7. Creativecircle
  8. Flex jobs
  9. Freelancemom
  10. Glassdoor
  11. Great Escape Publishing
  12. Guru
  13. Healthy Living Magazine
  14. iWriter
  15. Mediabistro
  16. Medium
  17. Moneypantry
  18. Ndash
  19. Peopleperhour
  20. Publoft
  21. Robert Half
  22. Self Publishing School
  23. Textbroker
  24. The Writer Finder
  25. Upwork

As you can see, there are several freelance agencies that you can team up with. A majority of these agencies are similar. Therefore, it's up to you to generate leads. More importantly, make a name for yourself. To achieve this, you'll need to get positive reviews. It is advised to sign-up with a few agencies. Utilizing more than one agency will not only help boost your income, but also build your reputation.

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