My Story of Entrepreneurship

Internet Entrepreneurship: How did I Start?

How did my journey to internet entrepreneurship start? I realized with all the time I spent on the internet anyway, why not find a way to earn cash on the Internet? Most importantly, I started thinking about my future and how I could find some way to start generating residual income, to find a way to live life instead of existing. This was important to me because I was tired of working for companies that did not understand my value. Companies hardly give out raises or require you to break your back for an average income.

My Journey to Becoming an Entrepreneur

Earning Cash Online

My journey to becoming an entrepreneur was a long journey. When I began searching for internet opportunities, I spent thousands of dollars trying to find scam free opportunities. Time after time I got scammed. . Many times I felt like giving up on it. But part of me was still determined to find a way to generate a decent income from home. I didn't want to step away empty-handed and was hopeful that I could weed out the scams from the legit options. It's always good to have the feeling of not being scammed. Knowing that you have found something that will work.

So then I stubbornly continued to search for an option where I could legitimately get paid. One day, I did uncover a verified and legit way to successfully earn supplementary income, and specifically, residual income. Then I started to find one legitimate program after the next. I soon found so many legit options that many of the programs I did not have the time to join. I found myself leaning towards affiliate programs as a way to earn decent profits. I desired and needed a verified system guaranteed to earn riches. I chose affiliate marketing because there are many programs out that need webmasters to sell their products. There are many webmasters that need a product to market. Win win situation for both parties.

Dropping Out of College

I was a high school football standout, recruited all over the nation living in Washington State. I committed to attending the University of Idaho on a football scholarship. Somehow, my scholarship did not fan out as I expected. The head coach who recruited me took a job at the University of Nevada.

My spirits were down, but I knew I still had a shot to make it to the NFL. My high school coach recommended Yube college. After speaking to junior college coach I was on board. He told me I could compete for the defensive end position. However, the first day of practice, he said the positions were filled and named his starters and told me to go play offensive line, center to be exact. Just to give you an idea, I'm six feet tall, and I weighed two hundred and fifty pounds at the time. I was completely devastated.

I was mentally broken, so I began to self-destruct. I started partying and living the college life. I still played football, but I didn't have the same drive. I rarely played during the season as a substitute tight end. Finally, my time to shine came at another player's misfortune. The sophomore defensive end got injured before the bowl game. I was unstoppable, I led the defense in sacks and tackles.

After the game, I went back to my dorm thinking to myself, I finally got a chance to showcase my talent. Nevertheless, I wasn't at my best, I was not focused all season.

My sophomore year of college went by even faster. I was a starter, but football was not my passion anymore. My passion was to become an entrepreneur. So after my sophmore year, I dropped out.

Deciding To Become an Entrepreneur

At this time, the internet was a whisper. People were not using the Internet as they do nowadays. I remembered how much I loved playing on computers when I was a kid. I was infatuated with how computers work, thanks to my fourth grade teacher. Then it hit me, I would become an entrepreneur and become wealthy by exploiting business opportunities. I didn't have to be an athlete to become wealthy.

Daily I found myself vigorously searching for ways to earn online. I was tired of waking up at 5 o'clock every morning to go to work. Doing the same task, day in and out, working for companies that did not appreciate my value.

Following months of research on the internet, I wanted to give up. I was searching day and night for ways to start generating revenue online free. Staying up for three days straight at times. However, every time I seemed to find an opportunity, there was always a string attached. All websites and blogs appeared to be the same, selling dreams and false hopes.

Launching My First Website

Finally, I decided to take action, I committed myself to telling the truth. This way I can help people avoid the same issues I went through. In addition, I can teach something of value. During this period, there were not many websites or blogs telling the truth about earning online revenue. If they did tell the truth, it was only half.

I began to research every possible internet business opportunity. Then I tested site by site to assure authenticity. As a content creator, I felt it was my duty to provide legitimate information to the people reading my content. If I did not provide legitimate material, it would have gone against the reason I developed the website.

The next task was to begin studying websites similar to mine. The research left me puzzled, my competitors had wonderful content with creative designs. I could not find a flaw in any of my competitors. However, I was determined to be better than my competitors. Consequently, I implemented everything that I did not view on their sites. Furthermore, I researched other niches besides my competitors.

Earning My First Penny Online

Months later, I earned a fraction of a penny online. Many individuals would have been discouraged. Not me, I was satisfied to make money online free for the first time. This was the beginning of my entrepreneurship journey!

Transition to Becoming Successful

Finally I am earning the money I have always dreamed of. Every day I wake up there's more money in my account, do I stop here? No I push to help others achieve the goals and financial success that I have achieved. I want to show the world every work at home job is not a scam because people really get discouraged after failing time after time. The only way you can fail is simply not applying yourself.

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