Creative Side Hustle Ideas

Utilize Creative Side Hustle Ideas to Earn Extra Money

Side Hustle Ides

Most people wouldn't mind collecting extra money. However, something must be done to acquire the money. We all know money doesn't grow on trees. For this purpose, it's vital to identify side hustle ideas.

What is the value of side hustles? A side hustle is not only an opportunity to earn extra money, but an opportunity to exploit your hobbies. These days, you have the ability to shape your own future. You don’t have to live your life doing something you don’t want to do for a living.

However, it begins with making a choice to pursue your niche at all costs. This could mean working for a company like Amazon or Twitter. Below are 12 Creative Side Hustle Ideas:

Download Mobile Apps

It shouldn't come to surprise that you can earn money from apps. Billions of dollars are invested in the mobile app marketplace. These days most people own a mobile device. The simple fact is that a significant percentage of the global population own mobile phones. It's estimated about 92% of these individuals use an app at some point of their daily routine. Most importantly, the mobile market is still rapidly growing.

What does this mean? Well, the time to jump on the opportunity is now! It would be a shame to look back years from now with regrets. Why not generate income from mobile apps? By earning mobile money, you can easily pay off your phone. Even more, you can get cash back shopping, find coupons and earn playing games. All you need is a mobile device, then download the app, it's that simple. Given the information, you can easily use this information to start generating extra cash from your phone.

Multi Level Marketing

Most people are skeptical when they hear the term "multi level marketing". And, by all means, people have valid reasons to be doubtful from the past. Prior to the evolution of the Web, thousands of individuals were scammed by get-rich-quick schemes and pyramids. As a consequence, people grew leary of work from home opportunities.

But presently there are several legitimate multi-level marketing (MLM) opportunities. People can find opportunities in industries, which include health, food, telecommunications and many others. However, every opportunity is not for every person. In other words, if referral marketing, selling, or constant communication is not your thing, don't pursue MLM. On the flip side, if you enjoy marketing and networking, you can earn generously from multi level marketing.

Dividend Stocks

Many individuals use dividend stocks to earn income on a monthly basis. In other words, you can earn income passively by implementing a strategic approach. One important factor about dividend stock companies is they pay their shareholders on a regular basis. Most stock companies pay their shareholders quarterly or annually. It’s recommended to research stocks with low volatility for desired results.

Bond Investments

Purchasing a bond can be a lucrative investment. The most common bonds are corporate bonds and municipal bonds. A bond is typically a loan made by a lender (you) to a borrower corporation or government. This loan carries an agreed upon set amount of interest.

Invest into Certificate of Deposits (CDs)

Certificate of deposit investments is one of the safest ways to investment options. The reason being is banks use your money to make money. Typically, after you invest, you must agree to leave your money for a certain amount of time. CD investments can last 3 months up to 5 years.

Invest into Real Estate Investment Trust (REITs)

The best time to consider a real estate investment trust is when the market is well. Times when the real estate market is above ground, REITs seem to do well. However, it's recommended to raise your credit score before this type of investment.

Start a Laundromat Business

Starting a laundromat business requires a huge start up fee. However, a laundromat business will pay off in the long haul. On average, a laundromat business costs around $200,000 - $100,0000 to start up. It can take anywhere between 2 - 6 years to earn back your total return on investment. The amount of revenue your business earns depends on how busy your business is and which city you live in. The average laundromat profits $3000 - $8000 per month.

An eloquent way to capitalize from this opportunity is by beating the price of local storage units and rental prices. Rooms can be rented out, garage space, a driveway or a section of a home. The average price to rent out a garage is $150 per month, room $200 - $600, driveway $50 - $150, section of house $300 - $1100.

Write a Book

If you enjoy writing, you can write a book. However, you must write a book on a subject you’re passionate about if you want to make money. Then receive royalties for a lifetime. It is advised for authors to write content on a niche subject. As a writer, you have a better chance to produce meaningful content when writing on a subject that you're passionate about. A few book publishing resources are; Barnes and Noble or Amazon.

Start Vending Machine Business

The vending machine marketplace has potential. The above average vending machines are earning $100 weekly. Likewise, below average vending machines are generating less than $5 a week. However, your marketing plan will determine the amount of revenue you generate from a vending machine. It is important to analyze the location you place your vending machine. It is equally important to ask the people who have access to your vending machine which type of snacks and beverages they enjoy.

Gain Interest From Savings Account

Acquiring interest from a savings account is a long-term investment strategy. You will not earn money overnight. However, it is the safest option when it comes to investing. There are two ways you can earn money from banks. Either your checking account interest or savings account interest. Both options consist of earning income from your annual percentages.

Proofreading and Editing

Proofreading and editing content for people or business is an efficient strategy to employ if you're an editor. There are plenty of businesses and entrepreneurs who could use your services. Teaching people your language is another way to start generating capital.

The world we live in is growing, families are moving to new countries all the time.It is advised to create a personal work space before joining the data entry work force. It is easier to be productive in a better work environment. For this reason, it's essential to create a personal work space. Lastly, you'll need the proper equipment to do your job.

Buy and Sell Music Royalties

The music royalty marketplace is a huge industry. The revenue earned in the music royalty marketplace is over a billion dollars annually. Even more, the earnings continue to grow each year. More importantly, you can earn a portion of this revenue. You can buy and sell the music rights and copyrights. There are several auctions on the internet that allow investors to buy and sell royalty streams of music. Two of the best music royalty platforms to make money from are;

Resources : Royalty Exchange and Songbay.

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