Simple Ways to Save Money

Easy Ways to Save Money

Simple Ways to Save Money

No matter what your situation is, you must find simple ways to save money. Your car could break down. You might lose your job. A doctor bill might come unexpected. Or, family members may need a loan. You may have an out-of-town emergency situation. The list goes on. Emergencies and situations pop up all the time. You just have to do your best to stay a step ahead.

Shop at Bargain Stores

If you are the type of person who shops for high end items (designer), that is fine. However, you probably should consider shopping at bargain stores. Or, find stores that have deals or discounts. Find cheap outlet stores that are near you, second hand stores. You can obtain the same products that you are paying retail prices for.

Believe it or not, there are many brand-new items that are so second-hand stores that are also a name brand. You can always downgrade the clothes that you are wearing. You may even want to consider knock-off brands if your money is tight.

Turn Off Unused Lights

Saving money in your home can add up in the long run. First, you will always want to turn the lights off when you are not using them, unplug cords that are not being used, keep your heat on at room temperature, and when buying new appliances, make sure they are energy efficient (preferable gas because electricity will continue to go up), and lastly purchase energy saving light bulbs to keep the cost down as well.

Winterize Your Home

Older homes typically have problems keeping the heat from leaking out. For people who have fire places, make sure that the front is sealed off. At the top of the fire place, you can buy something called a flap. This opens and closes to seal the top, pushing the heat back into the house. They say more than sixty percent of the heat in your house leaks through windows. Therefore, it's essential to make sure that your home is air sealed. You may want to find a way to place extra material over the windows if this is a problem for you.

Save on Gas Money

Cars can eat money if they're not taken care of. Therefore, when you're trying to save money, you must keep up with your vehicle. This means your vehicle should be up to date with oil changes, tune-ups, and solid tires. In addition, try to keep your gas tank over half full. This will save you a huge amount of money on gas over time. 

If you're looking to purchase a vehicle, start with gas savers (smart cars). If you can't find a smart car, search for cars with 4 or 6 cylinder engines. Or you could also search for cars that are known to save gas, like Honda's or Toyota's.

Last but not least, you can catch the bus sometimes; you do not always have to drive everywhere. You could always go for a nice walk!

Put Money Away

Be sure to put aside money every paycheck. Even if it's only ten dollars a month. This adds up to one hundred and twenty dollars at the end of the year. This may not seem like much, but it's more than you had before. You should live by the code "a penny saved is a penny earned."

If you have a job, you may want to consider taking your own lunch to work. Going out to eat daily or buying lunch at your job can add up over time. Eat left overs from the night before. When you go to the grocery store, be sure to buy snacks you may want while you're at work.

Change Eating Habits

Changing your eating habits can be a biggie on savings. Instead of going out to eat, you can eat more meals at home. Eat more vegetables instead of eating meat. Cutting back on meat can help your health as well. Be sure to cut out the excess snacking, including cookies, sodas and chips.

Find Inexpensive Hobbies

If your hobbies consist of spending money, find other activities that you enjoy that don't cost any money. Usually physical or outdoor activities are the ones that do not cost too much. If you like to go out to dinner for a hobby, start going on picnics to places that are enjoyable, like the beach or the park.

Liquidate Uneccessary Bills

Take a look at all your bills and examine for bills you can live without. The first three would be your cable, internet, and phone bill. If you have a bundle package, determine if other companies are offering lower rates for the current subscriptions that you have. Using your washer after nine o'clock at night will save you money on your water bill.

Open a Savings Account

If you don't have a saving account, sign up for one. Keeping money in the bank will help you save money in the long run. If the money is not constantly in your face, you will be less likely to spend it. If you have your money in the appropriate bank account, you will collect interest. This is a perfect win situation, saving money to make money.

Final Thoughts on Saving Money

It is always wise to be prepared or save money just in case. If you are not prepared, you will need to borrow money. This usually leads to further debt. However, finding ways to save money can be complicated in the world we live in today. With gas prices sky-high and food prices going up times can be tough. If you are not disciplined with your money, you may find yourself looking for alternative ways to acquire more money.

You have to ask yourself one question. Are the items that you buy daily, items that you want or need? First, you may want to take a look at your spending habits. Are you spending money on food, fun, or business? Obviously, if you are spending money on business, it does not apply. This applies to all the things that we as people spend money on recklessly.

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