Ways to Make Money Online Free

11 Profitable Ways to Make Money Online Free

Many people wonder whether if it's "possible to make money online free". And, the answer is yes, the internet is the most convenient platform to find opportunities to make money online free. It is the easiest route to launch a start-up a business from scratch. There are several platforms in different industries that provide opportunities for businesses and entrepreneurs.

Not only is it the internet the people's resources to find opportunities to earn money online, but it's the easiest route to earn a passive income. Internet entrepreneurs can gain a spectacular income simply because the world-wide web is expanding at a tremendous rate and is only continuing to grow. For this reason, many people have converted to becoming online entrepreneurs over the last decade. Below are 11 ways to make money online free!

Ways to Make Money Online Free

1) Get Paid to Do Things

Did you know you can get paid to do things online? There are several get-paid-to (GTP) opportunities. You can make money shopping, surfing the web or reading emails. You can also get paid to download apps, watch videos, play games, and much more. These are not the highest paying opportunities, but they will allow you to earn a few extra bucks.

2) Listen to Music

There's much money to be made in the music marketplace for musicians, songwriters, dancers and producers. The music industry is one industry that will never lose ground. People love listening to music. However, there's not much money to be gained for music reviewers. To tell the truth, this is one of the lowest paying internet opportunities. Typically, companies will pay you 10 cents to listen to a music station for an hour.

3) Find Survey Opportunities

The survey marketplace is a million dollar industry. Many survey takers enjoy the survey industry because it's a sure way to make money online free. You won't get rich by giving companies your opinion, but you can gain a little pocket change. Many sites will give members $5 just for signing up. Few individuals like the idea of turning down money.

Taking multiple surveys can definitely add a few dollars to your bank account. Be sure you have anywhere between 15 minutes - 1 hour open, because it will take time to earn survey cash. Many websites tell viewers you will receive $4 - $60 per survey, but statistics have shown people are averaging around 50¢ - $3 an hour. All you need to do is find survey opportunities!

4) Become an Affiliate Marketer

How can you become an affiliate marketer? The first way is to search for merchants with an affiliate program. Or you browse through affiliate networks in your industry. Once you've found a company that is in the same industry as yourself, sign up, it's that simple.

However, you will need a platform to market the opportunity. Most marketers promote affiliate products through social videos, blogs, websites, forums and article directories. You can also use some social networks to market affiliate networks. You must be careful, because some social networks do not allow members to post affiliate links on their site.

5) Searching the Web

I'm sure you have used the web to find something you're looking for. If you search the web, you might as well get paid to search. Searching the web is not a way to get rich you can profit from every search you execute. Some sites require members to download their app. Other sites will require you to download a toolbar. You'll start seeing results right away. Individuals searching the web are averaging 10¢ - 50¢ daily. I know it's not much, but you can make money by doing something you're already doing.

6) Freelance Work Online

Over the last few years, many workers have exploited freelance work online. These opportunities provide individuals with endless possibilities to earn money. There are opportunities for writers, bloggers, photographers, resume writers, business planers, consultants, website designers, website coders, search engine markers, social media marketers, graphic designers, and much more. The average worker gets paid less than $520 per month from internet gigs.

7) User Testing

Mostly, user testing comprises testing products or completing tasks. Worldwide people are testing websites and apps to generate money online free User testing platforms helps people earn extra cash. If you are user testing on a full-time basis, you can generate up to $400 a month. How much income you gain depends on the opportunity you pursue.

8) Monetize on Social Media

Do you know how to monetize on social media? If not, don't worry, it's a simple process. It's so easy, thousands of individuals are making money on social media. If you already have a social media account, perfect. However, if you don't have an account, sign up for an account, it's free. After that, find your niche or something you like to do. Then post valuable material and the followers will flock. Keep in mind, building a following will take time. But once your following is large enough, you can start monetizing.

9) Get Paid to Click Websites

I'll be honest with you, you can get paid to click websites. But you will not make much money. Therefore, staying consistent is the key to earning. You'll have to stay on it to get rewarded. More importantly, you need to sign up on several platforms. This will allow you to get the most out of your time.

10) Become a Mock Juror

You can generate up to $100 per case from mock jury duty. And from the reviews, the individuals who have generated extra cash from mock jury duty enjoy themselves. Hence, if you watch television shows like CSI or Chicago Police, this could be the perfect opportunity to make money doing something you enjoy. The job involves reading and reviewing court documents and submitting your opinion. However, you will need a clean record to be eligible to become a mock juror. Legal teams will mail you documents that they will use for serious cases. They use your feedback for testing trial runs.

Resources: eJury.com and Online Verdict.

11) Create a Blog

Why would an individual spend all day on blogging platforms? The answer is simple; it is easy to gain financial independence from weblogs and earn money blogging. There are bloggers generating six figures monthly. Who wouldn't want to create a blog?

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