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Earning Money Online

Earn Additional Income Earning Money Online

Many of us dream of finding ways to differentiate ourselves from the middle and lower class. The thought of working a 9-5 job is too overwhelming for most of us. Not to mention, living paycheck to paycheck.

We can't give our loved ones the time or attention they need because, we're tired after working a 10-hour day. Some of our jobs don't pay for vacation time, so we find ourselves working all year. This is why many of us are yearning to find sources to earn extra cash.

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Not only does the internet provide a source to earn additional income, additionally it provides you with an opportunity to separate yourself from the middle and lower class.

More importantly, you can stop living paycheck to paycheck, take vacations more frequently and spend more time with friends and family.

Money can put you in a position to turn your dreams into a reality. Money does not make you happy, it provides you with the opportunity to do things you want to do.

The only person stopping you from acquiring cash is you. I'm sure you have heard the saying “you can do anything you put your mind too”. This saying is true and there are many people who do just that. Nonetheless, to reach your goal you must make up your mind to be relentless.

Many individuals find it a bit hard to pursue work at home opportunities. They think you have to be an internet guru to become a success. In all honesty, most individuals currently possess the talent to explore opportunities. You don't need a high level of education or much experience to exploit opportunities.

Easy Ways to Start Earning Money Online

There are stories that go viral about individuals who are earning money online living the American dream. Likewise, stories are rare about "easy ways to start making money online".

Most gurus will make it seem hard to generate wealth on the world wide web. They make it seem hard to make you believe you need their assistance to start generating capital on the internet. Then they make you believe you need to purchase their products to succeed.

Despite the shortage of stories about people who used to be broke, now easily generating wealth. There are simple methods that you can use to generate wealth on the world-wide-web. Below are easy ways you can start aquiring capital on the internet.

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1. Searching the Web

I'm sure you have used the search the web to find things you're looking for. If you search the web you might as well get paid to search. Searching the web is not a way to get ricph, nevertheless you can profit from every search you execute.

Some sites require members to download their app. Other sites will require you to download a toolbar.  Nonetheless, you'll start seeing results right away. Individuals searching the web are averaging 10¢ - 50¢ daily. This is not much money but you can make money doing something youre already doing.

List of websites to get paid searching the web:

Ask Wonder
Bing Rewards
Cash Crate
Fusion Cash
Inbox Dollars
Nielsen Digital Voice
Smart Panel

2. Internet Gigs

Internet gigs are free online opportunities that provide individuals with endless possibilies to earn an additional source of income. Over the last few years many workers have found themselves using internet gigs for their main source of an extra income. In fact, these individuals are very satisfied according to reviews.

There are opportunities for writers, bloggers, photographers, resume writing, business planning, consulting, website designing, website coding, search engine marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing, podcasting and much more. The average person gets paid less than $520 per month from gigs.

Online gig resources:


3. Surveys

The survey marketplace is a million dollar industry. You wont get rich by giving companies your opinon, but you can aquire a little pocket change.

Many survey sites will give members $5 just for signing up. Not many individuals like the idea of turning down money. Taking multiple surveys can definately add a few dollars to your bank account.

Be sure you have anywhere between 15 minutes - 1 hour open, because it will take time to complete a survey. Many websites tell viewers you will recieve $4 - $60 per survey, but statistics have shown people are averaging around 50¢ - $3 an hour.

Survey opportunities online:


4. Freelance Writer

Several companies and individuals are seeking individuals who can produce specialized content on the internet. It takes time to produce valuable content. The downside to producing valuable content is it can be time-consuming at times. Many times you have to research the topic you're covering.

The compensation you recieve to be a freelance writer is worth the time and effort. On average, freelance writers are making $30 an hour. Nevertheless, you can generate more revenue depending on the website and your skills.

Freelance writing opportunities:

Professional Writers Association of Canada

5. User Tester

Worldwide people are testing websites and apps for extra money. You can also use user test platforms as a source of additional income. Usually you can make anywhere between $10 - $60 from user testing websites. How much you make depends on the user testing opportunity you pursue.

User testing websites:


6. Selling photos

Most of us love photography, it's something about seeing colorful pictures that sparks our interest. However, some individuals can view photos in a way that average people cannot. For this reason these individuals can make money selling photos.

Websites to generate revenue selling photos:

Adobe Stock
iStock Photo

7. Reviewing music

There's much money to be made in the music marketplace for musisians, songwriters, dancers and producers. The music industry is one industry that will never lose groun, people love listening to music.

On the other hand, theres not much money to be made reviewing music. In fact, this is one of the lowest paying internet opportunities. Typically, companies will pay you 10 cents to listen to a music station for an hour.

Websites that will pay you to listen to music or review music:


8. Get Paid to Sites

Get paid to sites are platforms that compensates members to do things. For example, you can profit from shopping, playing games and watching videos.

Not only can you get-paid to do things but you can save money to pay off dept. Many of these websites offer cash back for shopping with companies you're already shopping with. You can make money and save money simultaneously utilizing these opportunities.

Get paid to platforms:

Fat Wallet
Memo Link
My Points
Send Earnings