How to Earn Money Online

Ways to Earn Money Online

This is the best time period for those striving to learn how to earn money online free. This is not only the best time in history to earn money online, but there are more ways to earn money online than ever before. More importantly, most opportunities don't cost a dime. However, it will cost time, and a lot of it! Truthfully, you can secure your financial independence if you are dedicated and motivated! Even if you have little or no experience. Below you'll find sustainable ways you can earn money online free:

  1. Become an Influencer
  2. Affiliate Marketing
  3. Find an Amazon Work From Home Job
  4. Monetize YouTube Channel
  5. Earn Money Blogging
  6. Sell Your Stuff
  7. Lead Generation
  8. Monetize a Website
  9. List Products on Ebay
  10. Search the Web
  11. Internet Gigs
  12. Surveys
  13. User Testing
  14. Digital Photography
  15. Review Music
  16. Get Paid to Do Things
  17. Write Greeting Cards
  18. Become a Mock Juror
  19. Accept Donations
  20. Build a Website
  21. Create Online Video Courses
  22. Sell Life Insurance Policies
  23. Sell Physical Products
  24. Create Apps (Applications)
  25. Become a Consultant
  26. Buy and Sell Music Royalties
  27. Sell Digital Products

When it comes to the internet you have two options: you can choose to earn through 3rd parties (middle men), i.e., monetizing a YouTube channel, lead generation, etc; or you can work for yourself, i.e., blogging, selling websites, monetizing a website, etc. Either way, both options have their advantages and disadvantages.

If you choose to earn money though 3rd party vendors, there are fewer risks involved. More importantly, you can earn money online free for the most part! There are no hidden fees, tricks or scams. You will never have to pay a dime or pull out your credit card. However, you only earn a percent of the profits. On the flip side, you can earn 100% profits by being your own boss! But cutting out the middle man is much riskier. Obviously, when your independent, you don't have as many resources.

Ways to Earn Money Online

At end of the day anyone of age can make money online. However, each country has different laws. Therefore, you may have to be 18 years old to qualify in some cases. But, there are several free ways that teens of age can make money online. In fact, there are even ways for kids to make money online. But it all comes down to two choices; working for yourself or working as a middle man.

1. Become an Influencer

What is an influencer? An influencer is an individual that has the power to impact the purchasing decisions of customers. How can you become an influencer? To become an influencer you will need to build an following. To do this, you must have a certain level of knowledge about a subject. After that, post valuable material and the followers will flock. Keep in mind, building a following will take time. The four types of influencing include blog influencing, podcast influencing, social video influencing and social media influencing.

2. Affiliate Marketing

Thanks to Internet growth and development, the affiliate marketing industry is booming. Affiliate networks provide people a way to secure an additional income. More importantly, attain a sustainable income. There are tons of affiliate marketing opportunities. Several companies are paying individuals to promote products and services. To be honest, many Fortune 500 companies have opened the floodgates. As a result, several affiliates generate 6-figure income. Affiliate networks provide people a way to secure an additional income. More importantly, attain a sustainable income.

What is an affiliate network? What is an affiliate network? An affiliate network is a platform that connect publishers or associates with merchant affiliate programs. Another definition for an affiliate network is "a third-party (vendor) or middleman that develop connections between companies and entrepreneurs". Different affiliation program opportunities are offered on the products and services. The associate earns a fee or flat rate for selling the product or service.

How can you earn affiliate revenue? First you'll need to find a vendor or merchant pays associates. After that sign-up. Its that simple. However, you will need a platform to market the opportunity. Most associates promote affiliate products through social videos, blogs, websites, forums and article directories. You can also use some social networks to market affiliate networks. You must be careful because some social networks do not allow members to post affiliate links on their site.

3. Find a Amazon Work From Home Job

One could find it difficult to resist the top eCommerce platform on the Web, being that Amazons affiliates account for over half of Amazons revenue (3.86 billion U.S). Even more, the eCommerce giant is the third largest company in the world in terms of capitalization. Inintially, the eCommerce giant only provided opportunities to people living in the U.S. Amazon, however, has opened up opportunities for individuals around the world. Now people who are eligible can take advantage of local Amazon work from home jobs and Amazons affiliate programs. It's just a simple matter of dedication. All you need to work from home is a device that connects to the internet and, of course an internet connection. Of course you must have the skills to perform will need to apply for the job and possess the skillset to perform your duties

4. Monetize YouTube Channel

Social video monetizing has become trendy over the years. Millions of videos are being uploaded monthly. Some publishers earn money online by uploading videos to their channels daily. Some of us subscribe to these videos to get regular updates. Behind the scenes, many publishers monetize social videos to generate an income.

How do you monetize social videos? Well, it all depends on which site you are using. Some social video platforms permit publishers to monetize ads to earn capital, whereas others may not. More importantly, on smaller platforms, monetization options are limited. For this purpose, most publishers use YouTube to produce footage, simply because there are multiple YouTube monetization options. Platforms to monetize social videos:

YouTube - Members can easily earn income on YouTube with an effective plan and approach. YouTube is the world's largest video sharing platform. You can create an account for free, then build your platform. You will need at least 1000 subscribers to monetize ads on your platform. Are you looking for more information? Find out how to make money on YouTube.

DailyMotion - Daily-motion is a video sharing platform users can freely use to watch videos. Publishers can use DailyMotion to publish video content. Publishers can also generate income from their websites by embedding DailyMotion videos once the website is verified. Publishers receive 60% and the other 40% goes to the site.

Metacafe - Metacafe is one of the largest video sharing platforms in the world. Influencers can launch 2-3 minute entertainment videos about sports, music and video games. Influencers can earn $5 for every 1000 views from content.

5. Earn Money Blogging

Why would an individual spend all day on blogging platforms? The answer is simple, it is easy to acquire financial independence from weblogs. There are bloggers generating six figures monthly. Who wouldn't want to create a blog to attain a six figure income. There are several individuals making a living as bloggers. Create a blog on the following platforms:

Blogger - Blogger is a free blog publishing service owned by Google. Publishers use this platform to publish a blog in most countries around the globe.

Wix - You can develop a free website or blog at In all honesty, the free version does not come with all the bells and whistles, therefore, most members pay to upgrade to the paid version. You'll can definitely earn online money from your material no matter which version you choose.

Tumblr - Tumblr can be used for micro blogging and social networking. You can use Tumblr's social networking site to promote your site. Likewise, you can use the micro blogging platform to create a blog for free.

Joomla - Joomla is a user-friendly open source content management system that allows an individual to publish material on the Web. This company started off as a CMS designed to service websites. As time passed, Joomla began to diversify serving blogs and websites. At any rate, there are many developers that create productive sites through Joomla's content management system.

Hubpages - Hubpages is a revenue sharing website that you can use to write articles. Hubpages has Google Adsense ads integrated within its platform. Ads will run automatically after you publish an article. You can also choose to not have ads automatically displayed on your articles.

WordPress - is the most popular content management system in the world. Most companies and bloggers use WordPress to create blogs and websites. It is recommended to learn how to use this site before developing material. However, there is a free version you can use to get familiar with the site.

It is recommended that you analyze your competitors adequately. You can gain an advantage analyzing your competitors. Therefore, executing the groundwork should be your first priority.

6. Sell Your Stuff

(Craigslist, Offerup, Letgo, Mercari)

There are many items that you earn a maximum profit from locally. You don’t have to market these items around the globe, people around your city or neighborhood will purchase these items for the price you list. For this purpose, it would be efficient to sell items locally.

Generally speaking, people usually have three ways to get rid of outdated belongings; throwing them away, giveaway or donate, or reselling. Of course, listing these items would be the most profitable.

If you choose to donate, there are locations to donate in most cities. The following locations will accept most items, Goodwill, Salvation Army, St Vincent DePaul or your local thrift store. Craigslist also has a free section for listing items.

Lastly, there's the option to buy and resell. One way to do this is buying in bulk. Many major companies generate profits buying products in bulk for a wholesale price, then reselling at a retain value. Another option is finding items you can buy cheap but others can’t.

7. Lead Generation

Lead generation is a process that involves businesses influencing consumers to purchase goods or services. When it comes to lead generation, businesses are typically the clients.

Nevertheless, there are multiple companies willing to pay associates for leads. Every opportunity is different, some enterprises will pay you for qualified leads, whereas others will pay you for any lead. On average, associates can generate 60 cents to $3 per lead.

Whoever said that lead generation was dead, this individual didn't know how to earn profits from lead generation. didn't do his/her homework. According to, in 2019 advertisers spent nearly $2.6 billion in the United States alone. One could only imagine how much revenue advertisers spent worldwide.

8. Monetize a Website

You do not have to be a developer to make a website these days. There are various user-friendly web hosting companies you can use to create a great site. In fact, most websites that you see are created through hosting companies. Nonetheless, you will have to monetize your website to generate capital. Therefore, you'll need to find a few monetizing strategies to get money. If you are creating a content based site, you can create a site free. If you choose this option, hosting companies will usually place their trademark on that site. In addition, the free option usually limits your access to tools, the design ability and templates. Likewise, paying for hosting gives you more options and control. Additionally, you'll have access to more templates. You can choose to pay monthly or yearly. In my opinion, the best options are yearly plans because it allows you to save.

9. Sell Products on Ebay

Why should you start listing products on Ebay? By listing merchandise on this platform as a seller, you can promote your products or merchandise around the globe. An estimated 60% of the sales on this platform are international, whereas the remaining 40% are global sales. Not to mention, sellers have the potential to reach 170 million customers around the world.

Furthermore, Electronic Bay is one of the largest online multilingual eCommerce corporations in the world. Various businesses and individuals use Electronic Bay for online auctions, buying goods and selling goods.

There are many sellers from different backgrounds who have found success on the second largest eCommerce platform. Some started from day jobs while others started straight out of college. In either case, both are making a living from eBay cash on the Web. You may want to check out a few of these stories before you get started. These stories from eBay power-sellers can inspire you or shed light on a matter that helps you. For more information read, " how to sell on Ebay".

10. Searching the Web

I'm sure you have used the web to find something you're looking for. If you search the web you might as well get paid to search. Searching the web is not a way to get rich, nevertheless you can profit from every search you execute. Some sites require members to download their app. Other sites will require you to download a toolbar. Nonetheless, you'll start seeing results right away. Individuals searching the web are averaging 10¢ - 50¢ daily. This is not much money but you can make money from this creative side hustle idea doing something you're already doing. List of websites to search the web: Ask Wonder, Bing Rewards, Cash Crate, Fusion Cash, Inbox Dollars, Nielsen Digital Voice, MobileXpression, Smart Panel, Swagbucks and Qmee.

11. Internet Gigs

Internet gigs are free online opportunities that provide individuals with endless possibilities to make money. Over the last few years many workers have found themselves using internet gigs as a creative side hustle. Truthfully, these individuals are satisfied according to reviews. There are opportunities for writers, bloggers, photographers, resume writing, business planning, consulting, website designing, website coding, search engine marketing, social media marketing, graphic designing, podcasting and much more. The average person gets paid less than $520 per month from internet gigs. Highest paying online gigs include: Behance, Bloggingpro, Contena, CloudPeeps, Craigslist,, Flexjobs, JournalismJobs, Gigster, ServiceScape and Solid Gigs.

12. Surveys

The survey marketplace is a million dollar industry. You won't get rich by giving companies your opinion, but you can acquire a little pocket change. Many sites will give members $5 just for signing up. Not many individuals like the idea of turning down money. Taking multiple surveys can definitely add a few dollars to your bank account. Be sure you have anywhere between 15 minutes - 1 hour open, because it will take time to earn survey cash. Many websites tell viewers you will receive $4 - $60 per survey, but statistics have shown people are averaging around 50¢ - $3 an hour. Here are a few high paying survey site sites: CashCrate, InboxDollars, MySurvey, Opinion Outpost and Survey Junkie.

13. User Tester

For the most part, user testing consists of testing products or completing tasks. Worldwide people are testing websites and apps for extra money. You can also use user test platforms as a source of additional income. Usually if you are user testing on a full time basis, you can generate up to $400 a month. How much you earn depends on the opportunity you pursue. You can utilize the following user testing websites to start generating money online free: TestingTime, TryMyUi, Userfeel, Userlytics and UserTesting.

14. Digital Photography (Selling Photos)

Did you know you can make money selling photos? There are two ways you can boost your income selling photos. Either business to business (B2B) or business to customer (B2C). In other words, you can start making money from customers or businesses. Some individuals can develop photos in a way that average people cannot. They are naturally gifted with talent. Others take their time and learn how to develop photos. If either of these descriptions defines your character, you probably should consider generating revenue from your photos. All in all, you can generate profits in the digital photo industry! As noted, you can earn from customers who don't possess the skills or time to create images. Or you can earn from businesses who don't have the time or resources to create digital images. Websites to generate revenue selling photos are: Adobe Stock, Alamy,Foap, Shutterstock, iStock Photo, SmugMug and 500px.

15. Review Music

There's much money to be made in the music marketplace for musicians, songwriters, dancers and producers. The music industry is one industry that will never lose ground, people love listening to music. However, there's not much money to be gained for music reviewers. To tell the truth, this is one of the lowest paying internet opportunities. Typically, companies will pay you 10 cents to listen to a music station for an hour. Websites that will pay you to listen to music or review music include: Cash4minutes, Earnably, HitPredictor, Fusioncash, Musicxray, Radio Earn, RadioLoyalty, Slicethepie, UniqueRewards and Welocalize.

16. Get Paid to Do Things

For the most part, members get paid to do things on these sites. People can benefit in many ways using these sites. For example, you can profit from shopping, playing games and watching videos. Not only can you get-paid to do things, but you can save money to pay off debt. Many of these websites offer cash back for shopping with companies you're already shopping with. You can make money and save money simultaneously utilizing these opportunities. Below are 11 profitable get paid to platforms: BeFrugal, BestMark, Fat Wallet, Extrabux, Ibotta, Memo Link, MainStreetShares, MyGiftCardsPlus, My Points, Perk and Sendearnings.

18. Write Greeting Cards

Have you ever found yourself looking at a birthday card or christmas card trying to find the right words to write. If so, then you know writing greeting cards is not a simple task. Therefore, if you choose to pursue this opportunity, you'll need a certain skill set. You will definitely need to possess knowledge about poems, phrases, quotes, photography and artwork to create content for greeting cards. It will take a certain level of passion to be successful with this opportunity because greeting cards are usually designed and written fairly intricately. The following websites will pay you to write greeting cards: Blue Mountain Arts, Noble Works, Oatmeal Studios, RSVP and Viabella.

19. Become a Mock Juror

You can generate up to $100 per case from mock jury duty. And from the reviews, the individuals who have generated extra cash from mock jury duty enjoy themselves. Hence, if you enjoy television shows like CSI or Chicago Police, this could be the perfect opportunity to make money doing something you enjoy. The job involves reading and reviewing court documents and submit your opinion. However, you will need a clean record to be eligible to become a mock juror. Legal teams will mail you documents that they will use for serious cases. They use your feedback for testing trial runs. Resources: and Online Verdict.

20. Accept Donations

One of the newest strategies many have benefited from is accepting donations. Accepting a donation is a strategy that countless website owners, influencers, bloggers and entrepreneurs are starting to employ on their platforms. This strategy permits you to receive donations from your fans.

Some publishers receive several thousands of dollars in donations from fans. Nonetheless, you may not want to use this as your main strategy to generate cash. However, if you're looking for another way to generate more capital, accepting donations can be of use. To tell the truth, you’ll be surprised how much online revenue individuals acquire from donations.

21. Build a Website

Several individuals need websites designed. There is a high demand for website designers, if you have strong computer skills, working knowledge of HTML and CSS, and be proficient with MS Word and MS Excel. You can find several ads posted on Craigslist under the gigs and job sections to find opportunities. In addition, there are various freelance opportunities to earn extra cash. Website designers can generate a decent income helping clients build their do not have to keep adding posts to a website. You're basically finished after creating the co

22. Create Online Video Courses

If you have knowledge about a subject, you may want to consider creating online video courses. This particular opportunity provides you with a chance to earn revenue from your own online video platform. More importantly, you can earn huge profits by developing strong content.

23. Sell Life Insurance Policies

You could earn generously selling life insurance policies. If you sign up with a company that pays affiliates generously, you can get paid monthly. For instance, imagine if you earned 10% from the customers you sign up and the average quote was $180 a month. You can earn $180 monthly, if you have 10 customers who have purchased policies through you. TrueBlue Life Insurance is a resource you can use to sell life insurance policies.

24. Sell Personal Products

Selling your own products is an enjoyable way to earn cash on the side. You can sell things that you don't use on eBay, Offerup or Craigslist. You can sell; arts and crafts, art work, pottery, antiques, handmade goods, your services, ideas, clothing, postcards, photography and resources.

25. Become an Online Consultant

Become a business consultant or a personal consultant online. It may come to surprise you how many people need help managing money, personal problems, marriage issues or company development. YouTube has an efficient social video platform to get started.
All in all it does not require much expertise to create these become an online consultant. It only requires time, dedication, and the ability to think outside the box.

26. App Development

These days you can build apps for free. However, building an app can be a frightening process. Many individuals get intimidated and end up paying to have apps developed. Nevertheless, apps are fairly expensive. The average cost for a basic app is $25,000.

27. Buy and Sell Music Royalties

The music royalty marketplace is a huge industry. The revenue earned in the music royalty marketplace is over a billion dollars annually. Even more, the earnings continue to grow each year. More importantly, you can earn a portion of this revenue. You can buy and sell the music rights and copyrights. There are several auctions on the internet that allow investors to buy and sell royalty streams of music. Here are two of the best music royalty platforms to make money from; Royalty Exchange and Songbay.

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