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Make Money Online as a Vlogger

How to Make Money Online as a Vlogger

Are you seeking to make money online as a vlogger? Would you enjoy making a living online creating digital content on the Web? Anyone can create content on the Web, but you must learn what it takes to become a successful making money online as a vlogger.

The good news is you can learn ways to successfully earn revenue on the internet by becoming an excellent influencer. By the same token, it will take time to become successful. For starters, most publishers will tell you creating a YouTube channel is the first step to making money online as a vlogger.

As far as I'm aware, this is not the first step that should be taken. Due to the fact YouTube is not the only vlogging community. There are other platforms you can exploit which are; DailyMotion, MetaCafe, YouTube and Twitch.

How to Make Money Online as a Vlogger

How to make money as a vlogger, go pro on carpet.

You'll need to understand the fundamentals if you are seeking to make money as a vlogger. The top vloggers have mastered these fundamental strategies on their platforms. Here are the Top 3 vloggers:

The top publishers are earning millions of dollars on their respective platform making money vlogging. Even more, each of these individuals have an annual net worth earning over $20 million.

Let's begin with the famous group of friends that goes by the name Dude Perfect ranking at #3. The group's net worth in 2020 is respectively $20 million. The names of the group members are twin brothers Cory Cotton and Coby Cotton, Cody Jones, Garrett Hilbert and Tyler Toney.

The publisher who ranks #2 is a musician/comedian who goes by the name Jake Paul. His platform gained popularity when he created a music single video called “It's Everyday Bro” that went viral in 2017. Jake Paul’s worth in this year 2020 is $21.5 million.

Last but not least, the top publisher whose name is Ryan Kaji is the youngest of the 3, ranking #1. In fact, he has been one of the most successful influencers in the world for the past few years. In 2019, Ryan earned $26 million from his YouTube channel and Walmart product line. The channel usually releases a new video every day.
  1. Find your niche
  2. Create your profile
  3. Starting your channel
  4. Create analytics
  5. Find Gear and Equipment
  6. Marketing your Channel
  7. Research
  8. Create Explosive Titles
  9. Create Valuable Material
  10. Focus on Building your Brand
  11. Build Active Followers
  12. Engage with Fans
  13. Be Consistent
  14. Finding Trending Topics
  15. Create Original Content

1. Find your Niche

Your first step should be finding your niche. The objective should be finding a topic you are passionate about. The key to success is to find which category suits you the best (your niche). More specifically, choose something that you enjoy. Better yet, a topic that you have an understanding about. You can enjoy working by choosing to create content on a topic that you enjoy. For instance, some people hate working for the company they work for or hate the job that they do for a living. For this reason, these individuals do not enjoy going to work. In the long run, their life can typically become more stressful, less enjoyable, unstable and eventually they can find themselves simply existing instead of living their life. On the other hand, you don’t have to live your life doing something you don’t want to do for a living. You have the ability to shape your future as you see fit. Nonetheless, it all starts with making a choice to do what you enjoy doing for work, even if you choose to work as an employee; at least you will have a piece of mind.

2. Create a Profile

Your profile should be a summary containing information about you and your topic. Your audience should be able to read your profile and understand what your topic is about. The profile should be anywhere from 300-500 characters. You don’t want to write too much information in your description, by the same token your description should not be too short. Make sure you save the content so you can access it later; because you’ll need to upload the document on other platforms. Therefore, when you create your description, make sure it’s universal so it can be used for all platforms

3. Starting your Channel

Let's begin with YouTube, since most people are familiar with this social video platform. If you don’t have a channel, you’ll need to create one. The profile description that you wrote for your topic will need to be uploaded to your page. Next step, create a profile on the following social video platforms; Brightclove, Break, Blip.tv, DailyMotion, Instagram, Facebook, Periscope, Twitch, Vimeo, Veoh and MetaCafe. You can use the same profile description as you created for your summary. Thirdly, figure out what type of vlog you will create and what topic will you cover. There are many types of videologs including; bereavement, personal, informative, live broadcasting, educational, conversational and automotive. Nonetheless, these days viewers ordinarily see two main styles. Here are a few topics people create content about just to give you an idea. Which type of category will you focus on; advice, celebrities, crime, politics, world events, travel, kids, money, reviews, comedy, DIY, facts, opinion, music, dancing, fashion, how to, counseling, health, sports, fitness, marketing, investments, lifestyle, family, arts, crafts, gaming, your life, family, pranks, religion, help, animation, tech, translation, cooking, arts and crafts, hints, astrology, learning, relationships and much more.

4. Create Analytics

As a publisher you need to have access to data that shows you what viewers are doing when they come to your channel. This is why you need to create an analytics account. Analytics shows you tools that will give you an understanding of how your customers are behaving on your platform. It shows you how they reach your platform, how long they stay, the device and operating system they used.

5. Find Gear and Equipment

You’ll need to acquire proper equipment to earn enough revenue to make a living as a publisher. But, if you're planning to create films for a hobby, you can just use your phone. To begin, you must have a connection to the internet (Wi-Fi) along with digital technologies (laptop, desktop, mobile device, camera) to pursue this endeavor. Here is some gear that may be helpful; camera, microphone, portable audio recording, lighting, software, props and a tripod.

6. Marketing your Channel

Marketing your channel is one the most important ingredients to attain success. You can get traffic while you sleep if you create a successful marketing campaign. First you might uncover the basis of search engine optimization (SEO). For starters, let's begin by identifying keywords you would like to rank for on major search engines. Identify keywords and keyword phrases related to your subject. There are a few great sites you can use to identify keywords; Google Adwords, Wordtracker and Wordstream. Afterwards you’ll need to include keywords in the description of your videos you upload on the social video platforms. At any rate, the video blog marketplace is definitely worth joining. The truth is there are many individuals that have secured financial independence through this industry. Members can create an account for free on social video platforms and start earning money right away.

7. Research

It is highly recommended beginning to learn from the people who have already made a name for themselves in the marketplace. You will be surprised how much you can learn from others. You can learn how to do just about anything by devoting yourself to studying. Begin by studying their approach, the way they deliver content to their fans. Try to understand what type of dialect they use. This will give you an idea for your approach in different situations. Secondly, look for strategies that the established publishers use to make money. Every platform is different, so you must understand what and why they implement specific methods of monetization. The reason this is important.is because some methods of monetization are not geared for certain platforms. For instance, you may not want to sell affiliate products on a vlog that is geared to selling physical products because the affiliate products could possibly decrease the sales of the physical products.

8. Create Explosive Titles

This is a critical factor that is overlooked by newbies and experienced publishers. Most people click on titles that stand out. You can have the best video in the world. However, it may never get the attention it deserves if the title is vague.

9. Create Valuable Material

All in all, you must possess the ability to create valuable material. As you may know, people tend to lose interest quickly when they're watching content that serves no value. For instance, think about when you're watching a television channel or movie that you are not interested in; sooner or later you’ll change the channel. This is the same thing that happens when viewers are not satisfied. With that in mind, you will need to find out what viewers like to watch. Learn ways to keep your audience watching your footage, so they will subscribe and return to your channel. The first way to do this is by creating stories. Typically, some newbies make the mistake of creating footage about their day. This approach is a recipe for disaster unless you're rich and can show others how to get rich. Nonetheless, If you don't have a huge following, it’s advised to not produce a film about your day. For the most part, most people are not concerned about your day.

10. Focus on Building your Brand

One of the most important factors is building your brand. As you may already know, you are your brand. Therefore, you’ll need to figure out how you are going to build you as a publisher. You will gain more subscribers, enhance your online presence and attract new fans to your platform. You may still be wondering how to go about building your brand if you're just getting started. To start you may want to choose a focus for your personality

11. Build Active Followers

Viewers look for films that are trustworthy and valuable. Creating social media profiles to engage with your fans is one way to build active followers. Another way to build active followers is by getting feedback for your viewers. Ask them what type of material they would like you to create footage about. Think about giving out prizes, rewards and gifts to your viewers. Have a contest for your fans to win prizes and rewards.

12. Engage with Fans

Engage with your fans to make them feel like they are a part of the community. This means engaging with them on a regular basis upfront and personal. Celebrities are even using this tactic to let their fans know that they are not too good to talk to them. This can be done by doing live videos on social media or social video platforms. Look in the chat room and give shots out to your fans mentioning them by name.

13. Be Constant

Being consistent is the backbone to earning money from social videos. You should create new footage fairly often. It is the only way to keep your loyal fans and gain new fans. However, make sure you don't over do it by uploading too many videos on a regular basis. The only time you should upload several videos is when you have several valuable videos. Nevertheless, you should keep your fans in suspense, just like movie theaters keep people waiting for good movies. But try not to wait too long to produce new content. More importantly, when you finally decide to upload your clip, deliver mind-blowing footage.

14. Find Trending Topics

Trending topics are the topics that people are searching for the most. Trends change on a daily basis. One day a majority of the people performing might search for NFL games and the next day the trending searches could be black Friday shopping. You can catch a viral topic if you pay attention to what's trending which can result in your channel going viral. Creating a viral video can be a game changer. You can acquire thousands of new subscribers which increases your popularity.

15. Creating Original Content

Creating original content is another key ingredient. Original content is important for a few reasons. The first reason for providing unique material is providing the audience with something they've never seen before. Hence, more than likely you’ll keep your fans if you're the only one offering this material. Hence, you decrease the possibility of losing your fans to your competitors. Secondly, search engines will not ignore your content if you're unique and original. Oftentimes search engines ignore duplicate material or material that is extremely similar to others.

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