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Sunday, March 29, 2020

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How to Create a Startup Company

How to Launch a Startup Company

  Do you know what it takes to launch your own startup company?

Many individuals dream of finding ways to differentiate themselves from the middle and lower class. The thought of working a 9-5 is overwhelming for those individuals. Not to mention, living paycheck to paycheck, rarely vacating and spending time with loved ones. These factors alone can become stressful. Therefore, creating a startup company could be a solution.

There are several ways to turn your dream into a reality, exploiting opportunities. Living the American dream is still in reach. You can become an entrepreneur and separate yourself from the middle and lower class, take vacations whenever you like, and spend more time with loved ones.

The only thing stopping you is you. I'm sure you have heard the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to”. This saying is true and there are many people who do just that. Nonetheless, you must make up your mind to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

For the most part, any individual on the globe has the ability to start their very own business enterprise. This is one of the greatest aspects about living in the world we live in today. In the past, average citizens did not have the ability to go from rags to riches.

In some countries people are not allowed to be their own boss. These individuals are not allowed to explore opportunities that will allow them to become financially independent. This is why many people relocate to the United States.

Nevertheless, when foreigners relocate to land of opportunity, they manage to attain wealth. In fact, some foreigners succeed overnight after creating their own startup companies.

On the other hand, most individuals who were born in North America find it a bit hard to be their own boss. They are intimidated when it comes to getting out of their comfort zone, which leads to being an employee instead of a boss.

19 Steps to Launch a Startup Company

How to create a startup company,

But the truth is, most people currently possess the talent to launch a startup company. The only thing stopping you is you. You don't have to worry about a high level of education or having too much experience. I'm sure you have heard the saying “you can do anything you put your mind to”. This saying is true and there are many people who do just that. Nonetheless, you must make up your mind to do whatever it takes to reach your goal.

Many people make the choice to become their own boss. There are over a half a million start up companies that are created every year. Launching a startup company is a legitimate way to earn cash online and offline.

However, it is important to understand that launching a business enterprise isn't for everyone. In the beginning, owners typically work more hours than every employee on the job. Therefore, you must be willing to sacrifice whatever it takes to attain success on a daily basis.

1. Initial Research

Look to see if the business enterprise you have in mind has been established. It is important to see if the venture has already been developed. That way you can either choose another route or stay with your current idea.

Even if someone has already created an enterprise similar to your idea, don't be discouraged. Instead, use it as an opportunity to learn more about the idea you pursue. Identify what you like and dislike about the company. Be sure to store the data so that you can come back to it at a later time.

2. Self Evaluation

Find out what your passion is evaluating yourself. Consider your skills and experience while cultivating your plan. Finding your niche will lead you to success, simply because it’s easy to work on matters you're passionate about opposed to matters you have no interest in.

The most important factor to take into consideration is utilizing your talent can increase your chances to become a successful entrepreneur. Usually, when you utilize your talent, you have a better chance to stay grounded, which is important for the long haul. Due to the fact, you will have ups and downs as an entrepreneur.

By the same token, pursuing opportunities that suit you best enables you to maximize your earnings. You can easily add on to what your current talents opposed to learning something completely new. Consequently, you put yourself in a better position to earn a passive, residual or supplemental income.

3. Understand Supply and Demand

Try to understand what people are looking for, what customers want. Understanding the customer's needs is an essential factor that can make or break a company. It all goes back to a subject most people studied in high school; economics. Understanding supply and demand is critical in any marketplace.

4. Understand your Customers

First off, I think it's safe to assume that you must start off treating your customers fairly. In other words, treat your customers how you want to be treated. In fact, you should take it a step further and treat them like royalty, after all these individuals are spending their hard earned cash with you. Establishing a healthy relationship with them will pay off in the long haul.

To be honest, an organization cannot survive without customers. The customers practically keep the wheels rolling. This is why many corporations try to understand their customers. Corporations get feedback from consumer opinion panels, surveys, questionnaires, polls, suggestion boxes and more. Another way to engage with clients is using social media and social video platforms. These platforms provide you with a way to engage with audiences on a personal level.

5. Brainstorm Ideas

First, you'll have to start brainstorming to come up with an idea. There are a few ways to do this; 1. Think about things that you could be better. 2. Think about ideas or things in which you can expand. 3. Come up with a completely new idea.

Think about when Myspace was the main social media in the beginning, Facebook wasn't even a thought. Years later, the creators of Facebook created a social network that made us forget about Myspace. In other words, nothing lasts forever, what goes up can come down. Every idea can be improved somehow.

There's always brilliant ideas that have not been tapped into. You just have to figure out your niche, what fits you best. This will help you in the long run and not make it seem like a job. That way you can have fun and succeed simultaneously.

6. Training

Some individuals go to school to learn how to create and sustain an organization. School and training is not required, but training can be of use. You must understand, there are several responsibilities that come with being an owner. Therefore, there are essentially two ways that you can go about this matter, either go to school for training or teach yourself.

If you're looking to teach yourself, it would be wise to start with a few personal adjustments. The first adjustment is changing the way you think. It may sound weird, but it's important to change the way you think. Due to the fact, our thought process has a direct effect on our actions. The reason for changing our mindsets is simply to transform from thinking like a worker to thinking like an entrepreneur.

Initially altering your mindset to one of an entrepreneur may be initially uncomfortable, but in the long haul you will be grateful for the decision you made. For this reason, you should consider thinking like a worker to thinking like an owner.

There's a huge difference between the way workers and owners process how they earn income. Workers show up to complete whatever task(s) their boss or supervisor tells them to. Owners have more responsibilities, therefore they must complete missions or goals that they set. Therefore, as an owner you must be goal oriented.

Teaching yourself means you must become a full-time student in your marketplace. You will need to learn every single detail about running an organization top to bottom starting with a blueprint.

7. Business Plan

A good business plan focuses on the internal and external factors of an endeavor. The plan is a blueprint or guide that contains formal documents that illustrate how a company will carry out goals and objectives within a reasonable time frame.

As an owner you should always be able to go to this document to make decisions about your company. This document must precise details about the company, customer, workers, goals, competitors, market, growth and development, quality leadership, growth capital, return on investment, website development, environmental scanning, marketing intelligence, management summary, PEST analysis, SWOT analysis, category/brand development index, competitive strategy as well other many others.

If the blueprint is well written, a stranger should not only understand your plan but also be attracted to your concepts.

8. Marketing Strategy

Developing a marketing strategy with a marketing plan is vital. A marketing strategy is different from a marketing plan. The strategy maps the end goals of your overall plan. In other words, it should be a blueprint of your desired goals. The marketing plan is a detailed blueprint of how you will execute your marketing strategy.

The first step of a marketing strategy should involve analyzing your current situation, external and internal threats to your enterprise. 1. Current analysis involves asking where are you now? 2. The next step is to evaluate your availability; do you have enough time? 3. Find out what you need, i.e., devices, workstation. 4. (Goals, Objectives) Analyze your vision or aim. 5. (Finances) Come up with a budget. 6. (Target market) Which marketplace are you planning to pursue? 7. (Plan) How will you accomplish your vision or aim?

9. Market research

The key Tenacious research is a key component to businesses. The objective should be analyzing external and internal data in your respective marketplace. You basically analyze matters of your topic, competition and customers. Not only does researching provide information for a business, but it also helps enterprises grow. It is necessary for many reasons. Doing the homework is an ingredient that is overlooked. In fact, many newbies fail because they fail to research. Therefore, if you are a newbie, this ingredient should be one of your top priorities.

Studying your competition is a key component. Not only will you be able to see their recipes, but research allows you to analyze their mistakes. Notably, things that you don't like about their brand.

10. Financing your Organization

For the most part, a company will need to be financed to get off the ground. However, there are several ways to finance a corporation without spending too much money. Here is a list of financing options:

Jot down a list of everyone that is in your circle; friends, family, associates, acquaintances, loved ones and owners. Which will include people who you are not close to. In addition, write down a list of the resources that you can utilize.

Write down possible resources where you can obtain loans or funding. The first place to start is with banks or credit unions. These sources will require that you pay interest.

Establish a line of credit. A number of company owners got their start up cash from bank loans. A few ways to establish credit; paying bills and debt on time, financing a house or car and making purchases with major credit cards or renting furniture from rental companies.

Consider using an incubator to help you get started. Ordinarily incubators are geared to assist entrepreneurs in growing their companies and are administered by public and private entities.

Utilize crowdfunding to support your enterprise. Successful people are willing to invest in your dreams for a partial return.

Think about using an accelerator. This will require a quick decision on your behalf. However, if your idea is big enough, enormous profits can be generated.

11. Officialize the Endeavor

Officializing your endeavor should include the following; filing for a business license, patent your idea, design a logo, trademark, copyrighting, privacy policy, establishing a company name, find a web host, hire a web designer, creating a website, purchasing a domain name, purchase insurance, create social media profiles, create social video sharing profiles, create article marketing profiles, mobile marketing profiles, find forums for your respective marketplace, printing company cards, create your corporation or LLC, obtaining a tax ID, select a payment plugin, set up analytics, and secure confidentiality agreements from employees.

It would be a bummer going through all the motions just to find out someone stole your idea and you can do nothing about it. This is why it’s critical to mark your territory and make it official. In addition, you must take care of legal matters right away

12. Create a Brand or Product

It is important to build a product that your target audience loves. Creating a valuable brand or product puts you in a position to succeed. Not only will customers purchase your products, but small and large retailers online and offline will also sell your product. You will be able to sell in bulk if you contract with retailers. During this period of time, you will start obtaining larger profits.

On the other hand, you'll set yourself up for failure if you have a product that customers aren't attracted to. Even if you love the product or brand, you should consider implementing something else or adding onto what you have.

13. Find a Location

You will need to have your finances in order before you find a location. It shouldn't come as a surprise that the location should be a place where your targeted customers frequently visit. Some experts say choose a location closest to your competition. Nevertheless, if you use this strategy, your company must outshine the competition. If you manage to shine brighter, you can convert their loyal customers to your new customers.

If you are not familiar with buying property, it doesn't hurt to seek help. It will cost to hire a professional, but I assure you, the amount you pay a professional to find a location will be far less than purchasing a building with problems.

14. Get Feedback

Have your friend, family, or a professional review your overall project. Feedback is important because it shows you a point of view besides your own. Sometimes feedback is something you may not want to hear, but it’s something you need to hear even if it's negative.

15. Define your Motto

Defining your company motto should be a part of your blueprint. Your motto is basically a slogan your company stands by or vow. One quick way to find a slogan would be analyzing your values and morals. Another way would be defining your philosophy.

16. Building a Team

A good team is needed to run a successful organization. By the same token, a great team is essential for a startup company to be successful. To put it in perspective, you’ll need an A-team to get your endeavor off the ground. The team will need to consist of team players that have the following characteristics; dedication, selflessness, motivation, honesty, attentiveness, grateful, extroverted, intelligence, ambitious as well as other characteristics that fit your company motto.

17. Stay Surround with the Right People

Find groups and resources to join like-minded peers. To put it differently, start collaborating with individuals in the same marketplace as yourself. You can find local owners on forums, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and others. Surrounding yourself with the right people will help you grow as an entrepreneur.

More importantly, you can start building relationships that could form into partnerships. On top of that, you may need help at some point, therefore it can be of use to surround yourself with like-minded individuals.

18. Execute the Business Plan

Executing the business plan is the last course of action. The execution plan should be a written document that displays the steps and actions that will be taken to carry out your goals and objectives.

In addition, this step is the act or carrying out your objectives. Therefore, it's not only a statement but also courses of action. Nevertheless, if you develop a competent plan, the likelihood of success will increase tremendously.

Last but not least you'll need to go over everything. Make sure your endeavor is legalized, hire a lawyer if needed, review your budget, finalize the marketing strategy, have a proofreader review your content and set milestones.

19. Constantly Innovate

It's a proven fact that large corporations are constantly innovating. They have to constantly innovate to stay ahead of the competition, keep up with technology and of course make money. In addition, they innovate to stay relevant in their respective marketplace.

As you may already know, everything changes at some point in time. Technology gets better, people get smarter, kids grow up, the ecosystem changes so on and so forth. By the same token, every marketplace changes as time passes as well. For that purpose, you will need to keep up with times.

For example, in 2005 the main social media platform internet marketers were using to connect with the world was Facebook. The following year, Twitter was created. Opportunities for company owners expanded when Twitter launched. The site provided a platform for companies to reach their audience though tweets.

Hence, it's vital to stay informed and stay open to changing as time passes. Given this information you should have a better understanding of how to create a company from the ground up.

Thursday, March 05, 2020

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Earning Cash Online

How I Started Earning Cash Online

  This is a story about how I started generating cash online free. Most individuals who are earning money online have gone through similar struggles as you have, including myself. Waking up early, going to work daily to earn a living. However, at some point, you must make a choice to let nothing stop you from reaching your goals. Anything is possible, when you truly dedicate yourself to the task at hand.

My Journey to Making Money Online 💰

Thumbing through cash, one hundred dollar bills, U.S. currency.

If you're seeking to learn how to get paid on the internet, you've come to the right place, at the right time. This is my story, how I began generating an income on the internet.

As a child, I used to dream about how rich I would be, as all children do. Like most children, I knew I was special, born with a gift as my mother would say.

Fast forwarding to high school, I graduated with a 2.6 GPA. I was a high school football standout, recruited all over the nation living in Washington State. I committed to attend the University of Idaho on a football scholarship. Somehow my scholarship did not fan out as I expected, the head coach who was recruiting me took a job at the University of Nevada.

My spirits were down, but I felt like I still had a shot to make it to the NFL. I ended up going to a JR college in California. When I spoke to the junior college coach in California, he told me everything I wanted to hear. I was excited to go, ready for the biggest transition of my life.

Upon arrival, everything he told me turned out to be different. Soon as I arrived he told me there was a sophomore starting at one defensive end position. Even more, his second cousin was given the other defensive end position. Therefore, he changed my position from playing defensive end to offensive center. This was a done deal, no questions asked. I was completely devastated.

I was mentally broken, so I began to self-destruct. I started partying and living the college life. I still played football, but I did not have the same drive. I rarely played during the season as a substitute tight end. Finally, my time to shine came at another player's misfortune. The sophomore defensive end got injured before the bowl game. I was unstoppable, I led the defense in sacks and tackles.

After the game, I went back to my dorm thinking to myself, I finally got a chance to showcase my talent. Nonetheless, I wasn't at my best, I was not focused all season. I thought about how my spirits were broken at the start of the season. The time and dedication I put towards playing football.

Then I began asking myself a few questions. "Do I need to play football to become successful, could I use my brain to generate wealth?" Those questions pushed me to put my entire life into perspective. I thought about things I enjoy doing the most.

Deciding To Become an Entrepreneur

At this time the internet was a whisper. People were not using the Internet as they do nowadays. I remembered how much I loved playing on computers when I was a kid. I was infatuated with how computers work, thanks to my fourth grade teacher. Then it hit me, I would become an entrepreneur and become wealthy by exploiting business opportunities. I didn't have to be an athlete to become wealthy.

My sophomore year of college went by even faster, I was a starter, but football was not my passion anymore. My passion was to start making money online. Years after college I found myself working as a construction labor which pays well.

Daily I found myself vigorously searching for additional ways to earn cash online. I was tired of waking up at 5 o'clock every morning to go to work. Doing the same task, day in and out, working for companies that did not appreciate my value.

Following months of research on the internet, I wanted to give up. I was searching day and night for ways to start making money online free. Staying up for three days straight at times. However, every time I seemed to find an opportunity, there was always a string attached. All websites and blogs appeared to be the same, selling dreams and false hopes.

Finally, I decided to take action, I committed myself to telling the truth. This way I can help people avoid the same issues I went through. In addition, I can teach something of value, how to start earning cash online free. During this period, there were not many websites or blogs telling the truth about earning money online. If they did tell the truth, it was only half.

I began to research every possible internet business opportunity. Then I tested site by site to assure authenticity. As a content creator, I felt it was my duty to provide legitimate information to the people reading my content. If I did not provide legitimate material, it would have gone against the reason I developed the website.

The next task was to begin studying websites that were similar mine. The research left me puzzled, my competitors had wonderful content with creative designs. I could not find a flaw in any of my competitors. However, I was determined to be better than my competitors. Consequently, I implemented everything that I did not view on their sites. Furthermore, I researched other niches besides my competitors.

Months later, I earned my first coin online. It was .0012, a fraction of a cent. Many individuals would have been discouraged. Not me, I was satisfied to earn money online free for the first time. This was the beginning of my start to earning money online.

Sunday, March 01, 2020

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Earn Money Downloading Mobile Apps

Earn Phone Money Downloading Free Mobile Apps

  In the early 80s, the owner of Microsoft, Mr. Bill Gates, said "there would be a computer on every desk and in every home". He was right, computers began to become a part of the world. Yet, most people would've never guessed smartphones would become just as relevant.

During this time period people used landlines to communicate. Everyone that lived in the house would use the landline, moms, dads, kids, friends and family. Those that didn't own telephones would use their neighbor's phone or payphones.

Fast forwarding to the 20th century, just about everyone in the household has a cellular device, kids and parents. We use these devices for communication, entertainment, working, reading, games, learning, fashion, statements among many other purposes.

As has been noted, mobile devices can serve more than one purpose. By the same token, most people are not aware of the fact that they can use their device to generate revenue from mobile applications.

Ways to Earn Money From Mobile Apps

Make money downloading mobile apps, money sign, downloading arrow

For starters, there are several ways to earn money from mobile apps. To tell the truth, many of the opportunities that will be mentioned will permit you to earn quickly. You can get paid a month or weeks after starting.

Nevertheless, a few opportunities will take time, possibly months before you get paid. The ones that take longer are ordinarily platforms for fun and entertainment.

You cannot get rich from these apps, but you can certainly begin earning cash, saving money and having fun at the same time.

Watch Videos, Play Games or Promote Ads

Cash Alarm has a rating of 4.1 out of 58,209. Cash Alarm has mixed reviews just like others, but for the most part members are satisfied.

AppStation's free to download, play games and earn cash and rewards. As a member, you earn coins playing games. You can trade your coins in for cash or rewards once you acquire enough for payout.

Tech2Cash offers a few ways for members to generate profits from their phones. Tech2Cash pays you 20% of your referral earnings for a lifetime, paying games, taking surveys and trying new offers.

TV-TWO is beneficial for advertisers and users. Both parties can generate revenue and benefit from one another. For users, there are a few methods they can execute to speed up your payout. You can watch advertisements, complete tasks and refer members.

Make-Money-Free-Cash-App is a platform users can easily exploit. As a user you can start earning from different strategies. You can take a survey, give your opinion, watch a video among a few others. Members are paid compensation through PayPal. People have mostly positive opinions about this site rating it 4.7.

Slidejoy pays individuals to watch advertisements. Their organization basically connects potential customers with advertisers. How it works- Members will see a card with a new story or advertisement whenever they check their phone. They can slide left to learn more, or slide right to go to their normal mobile settings.

Get Cash Back

Rakuten, formerly known as Ebates, is a place to go online shopping. Additionally, it is one of the largest eCommerce sites in the world. Members can receive up to 40% cash back from purchases. You can also receive $25 for every member you refer.

Signing up for a membership is 100% free!

At Checkout, 51 members can find gas rewards and save tons of money on popular brands. In the event you leave your cell phone at home, don't worry you can use Checkout 51 from any device.

Dosh is definitely one of the easiest systems to use. All you have to do is provide your credit or debit card number to start being reimbursed and Dosh does the rest. Most sites will require you to take a snapshot of your receipt to be reimbursed. provides its members with printable coupons and digital coupons. There's no denying, one of the best ways to make money is to save money. Even more, you can use them locally and on the internet.

SavingStar’s site has a variety of rebates. They partner with over 70,000 stores providing you with many options for savings. When your account reaches $20, you can withdraw your funds to your bank PayPal account or donate to charity.

Wikibuy is an excellent resource to find the best deals on items for your household. You can use this site to compare prices on products that you need. Wikibuy also comes with a browser extension for those who shop from desktops.

Rewards and Cash for Receipts

Coin Out - If you watch television, you may have seen this site on the T.V show shark tank. Coin Out makes it easy to redeem, once you take a picture of your receipt, submit it, it's fairly simple.

Ibotta will give you $20 just for using their services. People have saved well over 600 million dollars using Ibotta’s site. The company partners with over 500,000 retailers, providing you with many options to choose between. Out of 1320677 reviews combined, iOS 4.8 stars, Android 4.3 stars. This site has a rating of 4.3.

Fetch Rewards is one of the best shopping resources around in my opinion. Speaking about Fetch Rewards, there's one thing I can say for sure, a majority of the members must enjoy the services; out of 27,535 reviews, Fetch Rewards is rated is 4.6 on iOS and 4.5 for Android. This show how valuable individuals consider this site.

Receipt Hog has paid out over 2.5 million up to date. As a member you are paid compensation through PayPal and Amazon gift cards.

At ReceiptPal, users can create memberships fast and free. Newbies can simply use their email or Amazon account to sign up and register. To tell the truth, this platform ranks as one the best in their respective marketplace. Members can acquire extraordinary gifts and rewards from receipt submissions.

Shopkick is the site to use if you like discounts and deals. Not only can you get gifts from your receipts, buy you can also get gifts by watching videos, scanning barcodes, making online purchases and scanning with linked cards.

Gigs or Jobs

Bluecrew is a staffing agency that will put you to work. You can work full time or part-time and acquire top wages. The site is designed to connect workers with employers.

GigWalk - If you're seeking to find a quick gig to gain a few bucks or a job to get a big check, Gigwalk can help. This platform will show you local gigs that will pay you well.

Takl can assist you if you're a handyman, house cleaner or mover. There are several other categories that are listed. Once you submit a picture and pass a background check, you can get to work right away.

Thumbtack connects customers with pros. This site is a bit more diverse than others. You could become a DJ, massage therapist, carpenter, landscaper and much more. More importantly, as a contractor you can get paid generously if you're a skilled worker.

Secret Shopping

Mobee - People are having fun with Mobee as mystery shoppers. It is free to download and start completing missions. Make sure you see how far your mission is before you agree to take the mission. Sometimes it may not be worth the gas to complete a mission.

Field Agent - Before you sign up for the Field Agents site, you can complete their training course. The course basically consists of work that you'll be doing. Afterwards, you can start completing tasks earning $3 - $15.

Observa - Observa pays members more than most companies. Members can make $4 - $20 to complete gigs. Even more, you can choose to be compensated bitcoins or money transferred to PayPal.


Swagbucks is one of the most popular survey sites on the internet. Their rewards program has paid out $409,010,774 in cash and gift cards. This network has a generous compensation plan. There are many ways to be compensated, you can watch videos, get cash back, take surveys, referring members, and $5 just for signing up.

Google opinion rewards will reward you for your opinion. This application is available for both android and IOS users. Nearly every participant has nothing but good things to say about this site. Over 1.5 million Android members have rated this platform, overall at 4.4★, whereas 89,460 iOS users valued Google opinion rewards 4.3★ . Even more important, the surveys do not take much time to complete.

Panel App is a paid survey site that has paid out over 2 million in cash and prizes. Joining this loyalty club will not cost a dime. Generally speaking, participants are satisfied with how their being treated rating the loyalty club a combined 4.5★.

Get Paid to Upload Photos and Videos

Air-rewards has a few ways to generate revenue. You can upload photos, watch videos or refer members.

Foap is a visual content platform creators can use to sell photos or videos. Creators can freely download Foap. Many photographers use Foap as a resource to earn a few bucks.

Glymt - This app is a great resource for filmmakers. Businesses and content creators can monetize short video clips.

Sell Items to People

Decluttr is a place to get rid of things you have lying around. Some items you have may be trash to you, but it can be valuable to others. Items such as phones, CDs, DVDs, books, tablets, Ipads and many others.

Mercari is one of the hottest selling apps on the internet. You get $5 for listing your first item and you can sell just about anything new or used including, purses, electronics, toys and more. Sellers do not even have to meet up with people, just list it and ship it. Even better, you receive most of the profits, 90% goes to you, the other 10% goes to the company.

ThredUp is one of the largest online thrift stores around the globe. Customers that shop at this digital are looking to purchase high quality second hand clothes. Therefore, instead of throwing away your old clothes, get cash to buy more clothes.

Sellcast is a live video platform for buying, selling and crowdfunding. Once you're ready to sell your product, simply go live on social media and market the product to buyers. Sellcast is the first company of its kind to offer live video for buyers and sellers.

Rent your Stuff

Lend Me it - LendMeit is a resource you can use to rent out goods where you live. Most sites allow you to sell items, but this is one of the first Peer-2-Peer online rental communities.

Rent out your Car

Turo is one of the largest peer-to-peer car sharing private companies in the world. Renters can acquire anywhere between 65% - 90% depending on the plan they choose. On average, renters who list their vehicle are earning $700 per month. However, you can make more than that depending on the type of vehicle you have.

Getaround is also a peer-to-peer car sharing company. There are a few individuals earning over $10,000 yearly from car rentals. Getaround is a nationwide company located in San Francisco, California. Once you rent out your car, the person renting the car can unlock the vehicle through a mobile device. You'll be able to track the details through your phone.

TravelCar is a company that helps travelers save and generate revenue. Travelers can generate revenue by renting out their car, instead of leaving it at the airport paying for parking. This peer 2 peer auto rental business recently began servicing cities in the U.S. In Europe people have been using TravelCars services for years.


Zogo will actually pay you to learn about finances. There are not many companies that will pay you to learn. In fact, it's usually the other way around, you have to pay for their services.

SnapMyEats rewards members for snapping photos of receipts from food or beverages. SnapMyEats will send you a short survey about your purchase. It only takes ten credits to receive a gift, three receipts equals 1 credit.

Sunday, January 05, 2020

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How to Make Money With a Podcast

Learn How to Make Money With a Podcast

  Lately people have been trying to learn How to Make Money with a Podcast for many reasons. One reason being is the marketplace is fairly diverse. This individual marketplace has a global reach, providing content in over 100 languages. Additionally, the ad revenue is growing expeditiously. Every year, the ad revenue generated from podcasting rapidly increases.
  • 2015 ad revenue $69 million.
  • 2017 ad revenue $314 million.
  • 2019 ad revenue $514 million.
According to data from the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB) and PwC, in 2021 ad revenue from podcasting is projected to surpass 1 billion. Given this data, you should have a better idea of why so many people are trying to learn how to make money with a podcast.

To be honest, making money from podcasts requires a great deal of time. Before choosing this method as a way to make money, be sure you have enough time on your hands.

It is highly recommended to focus on your respective field when you start a platform. The reason for focusing on a respective field is to obtain a target market. A target market contains the group of customers in which you plan to market your product to. In other words, these individuals are the followers of your podcast.

Starting your platform:
  1. Choose a title - It's recommended to choose a title on subjects that interest you. More importantly, you should choose a title on a subject that you have knowledge about. You may want to include keywords in your title for search engine optimization purposes.
  2. Create a description - The description should be a summary of what your title is about. Keep in mind, you're creating content when writing a description. Therefore, remember to include keywords to optimize the search engine.
  3. Create a cover - It is advised to pay a professional for a cover if you have no experience with graphic design. Your cover is very important because it's the first thing people see when they visit your platform.

Ways to start Making Money From Podcasts

Make money from podcasts text, man on microphone.

There are several ways to begin Making Money From Podcasts. You can monetize your platform selling digital products, affiliate products, physical products or books and eBooks. In addition, you can earn revenue from coaching, consulting, advertisements, sponsorship's, public speaking, live events and crowdfunding. The way you choose to monetize should merely depend on the amount of social followers you have.

It is imperative to have a monetization strategy to begin Making Money From Podcasts. Some individuals believe as soon as they a podcast they can begin making money by monetizing ads. However, this is the wrong approach to start making money from podcasts. You will need a minimum of 10,000 social followers for advertisers to consider ad placement on your platform.

Ways to Monetize a Platform

Digital Products - Digital products are very popular as we all know. These are products such as digital audio and music, photography, software, video, eBooks, documents, tutorials, apps and courses.

Affiliate Products - Affiliate products can come in handy. Basically you are partnering with a company by choosing to sell these products. It's free to join and sign up for affiliate programs. These programs provide your platform with a wider variety of products for your customers to choose from. Which gives you more diversity as a seller. After selling a product you earn a percentage of the purchase.

Physical Products - Physical products are the most profitable products to market. When you sell physical products you earn %100 commission because the product belongs to you. Physical products also provide your platform a brand that adds more value to your podcast.

Books and eBooks - Selling eBooks and books are important for many reasons. The first reason is when you write books, you provide readers with another method to engage with your platform. As a result, you are meeting an important goal of marketing, staying engaged with your customers. Some podcasters offer their customers books and eBooks for free. Everyone loves freebies, giving out your Books and eBooks for free can definitely be beneficial in the long haul.

Coaching - If you have good problem solving skills, coaching people or businesses could very well be your respective field. You can coach people on just about any subject. You can coach people on parenting solutions, life problems, health and fitness, weight loss and nutrition among several other subjects.

Consulting. You do not need to have a degree to start consulting people or businesses. You will need to have a purported expert level of knowledge on the subject you're consulting your followers about. A few types of consultants are business consultants, financial consultants, strategy consultants, social media consultants and marketing consultants.

Advertising - You'll need at least 10,000 followers to your social platform to post ads as mentioned earlier. However, earning money placing ads is one of the best ways to make money. In 2021 the revenue generated from advertising is projected to be 1 billion. Therefore, monetizing ads can put you in a billion dollar marketplace.

Sponsorship's - One of the most popular ways to make money podcasting is through sponsorships. Even more, implementing sponsorship's on your platform can be one of the easiest methods to make money. On the flip side, you can sell personal advertisements on your platform.

Most publishers use a form of advertising called cost per mile to earn. Paid ads are sold by means of an advertising strategy called Cost Per Miles (CPM). When you agree to pay for an ad you're paying an agreed amount of money for 1000 impressions. The average rate for podcast advertisements is twenty-five dollars for a sixty seconds ad (CPM).

Crowdfunding- Crowdfunding is a process that involves viewers contributing pledges and support to your platform. In fact, many entrepreneurs use crowdfunding as a marketing strategy. This particular strategy is a way to make the community feel more involved. The viewers don’t feel like they are donating money, they feel as if they're contributing to the success of the podcast. A great resource entrepreneurs can use to crowdfund

Do Podcasts Cost Money?

The answer to this question is yes. In order to develop professional content, the entrepreneur creating the podcast must have the proper equipment. There are two ways to professionally develop content for a podcast. The first way is to record content at a studio. Whereas the second way is to record content yourself.

If you choose to record your podcast at a studio, more than likely you will have to pay for studio time. The average cost for booking time at a nice studio can cost anywhere from $40 - $550 an hour. By the same token you will need an audio engineer. Hiring a professional audio engineer will cost you around $40 - $200 per episode.

On the other hand, if you choose to record the podcast yourself you'll need to purchase the equipment and software. Indeed, it will be cheaper to personally record the content, but it will acquire much of your time.

You'll need the right equipment in order to develop a professional sound to communicate with your viewers. Here is a list of equipment you will need.

  1. Microphone - Needed to communicate with the audience.
  2. Pop filter or windscreen - Eliminate your plosives, letters like p, b, and k.
  3. Boom arm - Connects to the desk and the microphone
  4. Shock mouth - Used to suspend the microphone in mid-air and absorb vibrations.
  5. Usb cord with xlr cable - to help you sound better.

You can get all of the equipment listed above under $100 if you purchase the Audio-Technica ATR210-USB USB/XLR Microphone with Knox Gear Boom Arm and Shock Mount.

On the flip-side you will need a digital audio workstation to develop podcasts. Mac users use Garageband and PC users use The good news is the software you'll be using is free.

How Much Money does Podcasts Make?

The amount of money a podcast generates depends on the social following. Platforms with a small number of followers will not earn as much revenue as platforms that have a larger amount of social followers.

There is not a minimum or maximum amount of money a podcast can make. Podcasting is not like a typical 9- 5 jobs where employees get paid a certain amount every week. The highest paid individual podcasting earns $70,000 per episode.

Here you can find monthly reports that show how much money a podcasting platform earns. These reports will provide detailed information about revenue generated from top podcasters. They also contain valuable information about the podcasting industry.

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Ways Kids Earn Money Today

Discover Ways Kids can Earn Money Today

  These days children are eager to walk around with money in their pocket. Who can blame them, our youth has been exposed to more advertisements than generations of the past. Which has resulted in many parents including myself looking for ways that allow youngsters to make money. Luckily for us, there are several legal Ways Kids Earn Money today online and offline.

A number of youngsters don't understand how blessed they are. In other words, many children don't understand how good they got it. In fact, a good portion of kids take life for granted. They don't understand the sacrifices their ancestors made to provide the lifestyle they live.

Back in the old days the Ways Kids Earn Money was mainly hard labor. Many juveniles found themselves doing hard labor for work. A majority of the work was mowing lawns and paper routes. Due to the fact that was the only work available. Most of their parents did not own vehicles or television. Cell phones and computers were not available. Above all, the internet was not even thought of. As a consequence, communication was very limited.

To return back to the subject, these days children have a plethora of ways to make money. They don't have to limit themselves to mowing lawns and paper routes. Nowadays the Ways Kids Earn Money has differentiated. Mainly due to the fact that modern technology has innovated over the past decade.

It's important for children to develop good work habits when they're young. Performing hard labor is a great way a child can begin developing good work ethics. The work itself is not only physically demanding but mentally as well. While performing hard labor, the mind naturally starts the thought process. When this process is started our brains look for a way to be more efficient. As a result, labor will help a kid develop effective working skills.

Furthermore, this results with that child paving the way for his or her future. In fact, this is very important for adolescents to develop good work habits during the developmental stage. As they begin to develop their character, it is extremely hard to teach them good working habits. Hence, getting them started early on is vital for growth and development.

Ways kids earn money concept, children playing.

17 Ways Kids Earn Money Today

  1. Car wash - Washing cars is one of the oldest methods to earn money but remains to be the most effective way for kids to make money. Most car owners love a good old-fashioned car wash as long as you don't scratch their paint. These days many adults love to see adolescents out working hard. In fact, most will pay adolescents to clean their vehicles. Tools you should have: a rag, preferably lint free to prevent scratching, dish washing soap and a bucket. For those looking to be more professional acquire more cleaning supplies. Such as tire cleaning products, i.e., (Armor-all), spray for widows (Windex) and a shop vacuum.
  2. Lawn mowing - Mowing lawns during the spring and summer is a nice way to generate a few extra dollars. The more clients you have, the more money you make. Starting around your neighborhood is a great place to start. Tools you should have: lawn mower, gloves, garbage bags and a gas can.
  3. Lemonade stands - Typically selling lemonade is for the summertime. Weather conditions are hot, and people are thirsty. Seize the moment and use these conditions to your advantage. Starting a lemonade stand can not only generate capital, but also further other business endeavors you have going. Utilize this opportunity to connect with more potential customers. Use your charm and show good character and people will gravitate towards you. Things you will need: a table, plastic or foam cups, lemonade, sugar, ice, signs, tape, chair and a few pitchers.
  4. Musician - Becoming a musician is a form of art people are blessed with. However, if you work on your vocal cords you can create this talent. Practicing improving your vocals by singing everyday. Other ways to improve your vocals are exercising and holding your breath. Working on these skills can lead to your voice sounding better. Gaining confidence is the initial step that must be taken. There will be crowds of people who will be your audience. Having a bold appearance will impress the audience. In addition, it will help you stay calm and eliminate any feelings of fear.
  5. Teach foreign language - Accomplishing this task may require a bit of help from an adult. However, this task is highly in demand in many countries across the globe. Everyday families move to other countries and need help learning a new language. In many cases children are more receptive to learn from their peers.
  6. Modeling - You do not always have to be the best looking person to be a model. There are many different types of models these days. Although, it is recommended for potential models to get an evaluation. In order to know which type of modeling career to pursue. In any case, always seek opinions from different evaluates. One evaluation might be different from another.
  7. Raking leaves - Raking leaves is typically a fall time job. Finding clients won't be a hard task to accomplish. Just look for people who neglect their yard duties. This can turn into a prosperous opportunity. Tools you should have: rake, gloves, weed puller, broom and large garbage bags.
  8. Pulling weeds - Pulling weeds may be a back breaker, but it will surely bring in extra funds. A number of homeowners have certain tasks they just don't like doing. Pulling weeds is definitely one of them. You can clearly turn this into a goldmine. Tools you should have: a shovel
  9. Extra chores - Extra chores is one of the easiest ways to get ahead. You don't even have to leave your comfort zone for this one. Simply look around the house for things that need to be done. Such as cleaning the refrigerator, cleaning the oven, washing the walls, dusting the vents, cleaning the bathtub, and cleaning the windows. The key is looking for chores that are not done daily.
  10. Dancing - Dancing is also a talent that can be learned. Some people naturally have rhythm. Whereas others have to work at it. Depending on how good you dance will determine the next step you should take. No matter how good you are, it is highly recommended seeking help from a professional. You can always improve. For this reason, dedication and practice is critical for improvement.
  11. Selling candy - Selling candy does require too much skill. Although having the gift of gab will lead to more sales. Nevertheless, you can sell most of your inventory to your friends and family.
  12. Baby sitting - Families are always looking for a responsible babysitter. If you don't mind watching kids, baby sitting pays well. You can charge a flat rate or get paid by the hour. House sitting.
  13. House sitting - House sitting pays pretty good as well. People are always going out of town for business trips or personal matters. You must be a responsible individual if you are looking after someone's house.
  14. Recycling - Recycling aluminum does not make as much money as it used to. Regardless, you can still turn your aluminum into profits. It would be smarter to make money rather than toss aluminum in the recycling bin.
  15. Shovel snow - Shoveling driveways and sideways is a good job for the winter. Shoveling can be a lucrative opportunity, that is, if you do not mind the cold weather. Tools you should have: a pair of gloves and a snow shovel.
  16. YouTube - Monetizing videos has become an explosive way for people around the world to work from home. On average, 5.1 billion videos are watched on YouTube daily. Young males and females are seeing results daily uploading videos to their channels. Some earn hundreds, others earn thousands, while a few are earning millions. More importantly, it does not require much skill at all. However, you will need to have knowledge about the topic that your're covering. The first step is to figure out how you will generate profits. Are you looking to sell your own products and services? Or are you looking to generate profits from monetizing (showing ads).
  17. Selling products - Selling products online can be one of the biggest money makers. You can resell products or sell your own products. There are many sites that will allow you to sell merchandise. A few sites are Craigslist, Offer up and eBay. If you are artistic you can promote your arts and crafts.

In conclusion, it is advised that you utilize a number of these opportunities. The more you work, the more cash you earn. It's really that simple. Don't try to grow up too fast and miss out on your childhood. You will have your entire life to work. On the other hand, try to get accumulated to hard work. That way when you become of age you know what it takes to be successful.

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Blogging for Money

Monetizing a Blog for Money

All across the globe publishers are Earning a Supplemental Income Blogging for Money. There are several platforms on the World Wide Web that individuals can use to create content in their spare time. More importantly, publishers can monetize their blog and earn extra money.

Have you ever wondered what it would take to create a successful blog? In all honesty, creating a successful blog does require a bit of skill, knowledge, hard work and dedication. However, if you have a computer, lab-top, and a valid email address with a connection to the internet you're halfway there.

Blogging for money has become one of the most popular ways for publishers to earn a supplemental income. Many publishers generate thousands of dollars monthly. Even more, there are some publishers that make millions every single month. However, publishers who are earning big money online had to start from the ground up. It all begins with the audience.

Blogging for Money Strategies

Blogging for cash text, man typing a blog.

Firstly you must decide which route will you take Blogging for Money to earn a supplemental income. More specifically, how will you monetize your blog. Are you looking to sell products, sell e-books, affiliate marketing, coach individuals, create a membership platform or simply sell private ads? How you plan to monetize will have an impact on your creation.

For beginners first you will need to come up with an idea. You may want to do a little brainstorming before you actually start to create your blog. Using offline writing programs like Microsoft Word will give you access to a larger amount of tools that you will need to create your blog.

Then your next step should be finding a site where you can publish your blog. If you are looking to become a full time blogger. Finding a hosting company should be your first priority. That way you have more options to customize or format your blog. Giving it a more personal touch. If you choose a free blog platform to host your blog, you may not have all the control you desire.

Grasp readers Attention as a Publisher

As a publisher, it's important to grasp the reader's attention. You must have a strategic formula to your writing style. In addition, you should consistently learn new words, writing formats and better approaches to your craft. By the same token it's important that you read content similar to yours on a daily basis. This is of course if you're taking this matter seriously. Becoming better in your area of expertise is the best way to keep readers engaged in your content.

A good publisher knows the importance of grasping the attention of his/her audience. In the fast food industry they say "the customer is always right". On the internet, the audience is always right. As a publisher, you're nothing without an audience. Therefore, you must keep your audience happy and keep their eyes dialed into your content.

Making your articles stand out is the first strategy to get the attention of your readers. The way you do this is by writing fascinating titles, subtitles and minor titles. Keep your keywords in mind while completing the first step. To spice it up a bit, capitalize your keywords in your titles.

3 Ways to Create Valuable Content

All bloggers should have ways to create valuable content. The traffic that a blog post receives depends on the content bloggers create. Here are 3 Ways to Create Valuable Content:

  1. Sooner or later you'll realize that first impressions typically last forever on the internet. The internet is not like the real world, you don't get a second chance to impress people. It's a proven fact, most readers that bounce right away will rarely revisit. For this reason, you have to shoot your best shot from the start.
  2. The first sentence you write should be eye catching. Writing a compelling first sentence is the second step to gaining your audience's attention. It's fairly similar to writing a thesis for a term paper, but a bit more detailed and powerful.
  3. The last method to get the attention of your readers is uploading photos. Uploading photos is very underrated. Statistics prove that readers are more likely to remain on a website that has photographic material. Be sure to upload photos that are related to what your're blogging about. Posting random pictures on your blog serves no purpose.

Getting more Subscribers

As a blogger, it's extremely important to have a purported decent level of knowledge in your respective field. People all over the world will be reading what you write. Once you publish a blog post, the content you create is visible on the World Wide Web. Writing a Good Blog Post will always lead to you gaining more subscribers.

The main goal for bloggers is to drive traffic to their blog post. One method of driving traffic is by having subscribers. When readers subscribe, they are notified every time you create a new blog post. As a result, these readers are more in tune with your blogs. The other way to drive traffic to a blog is when readers like or share your blog. However, the only way readers will like or share your blog is if they enjoy what they read.

Everyday a new blog post is created by newbies and experts worldwide. Some writers post blogs for fun, whereas others are blogging for money. Every publisher has a different reason why they create content.

Drive traffic to a blog post

Applying digital marketing strategies can help you increase your earnings, if you are aiming to monetize your content. Search engine optimization will be vital to maximize revenue from your blog post. The content you create will need to be fairly optimized. The content includes your title, body, images, domain name and search description.

The keywords for your blog post should be in the range of anywhere from 2-5 percent. The more you write the better: "You should try to aim for about 500-2000 characters. Search engines are paying close attention to content, therefore it is very important for your character count to be precise.

Optimizing your images is also an important step for search engine optimization. Your images will need alt tags. The images should also include keywords that explain the photo. Here is a list of important elements that you should take into consideration for image Seo.

  • Using a proper image name.
  • Reduce the size of your file.
  • Include images that are responsive.
  • Be sure to scale for Seo.

You do not want to spam the search engine. You could very well find your site being penalized. Which will lead to your content being excluded from the search results.

If you are selling products from a blog, being professional is very important. Good sellers think like buyers in order to be successful. Most buyers would like everything to be convenient and safe, especially when dealing with sharing information online. If a customer can go to your blog and everything is set up professionally that looks great for you. If your blog looks crappy, the results will show in your stats simple as that.


It is advised to proofread or have someone else proofread your material for errors. Even though it takes time, it never hurts to spell check, reviewing your blog post once or twice. If you do not have time to proofread, you can hire companies and freelancers to do the job for you. Freelancers can also assist you in other areas such as; marketing, designing, technology, programming, writing, translation and many others.