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Saturday, March 14, 2020

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Make Money from Freelance Writing Gigs

How to Make Money from Freelance Writing Gigs

Are you seeking to make money from freelance writing gigs? Do you have typing skills or enjoy spending time on the internet? If you are a author or writer, you can make money from writing digital content.

What is a Freelance Writer?

A freelance writer is a self-employed individual who is committed to earning online revenue as a writer. Typically writers earn their income by producing digital text documents for clients on the Web.

Producing digital content is a career opportunity that you can pursue from anywhere in the world. You can create your own profile, set your own hours, most importantly set your own rates.

To tell the truth, currently its not hard to find jobs in this field. The marketplace is wide open, several companies and individuals are seeking individuals who can produce specialized content on the internet. 
The downside to producing valuable content is it can be time-consuming at times. Many times you have to research the topic you're covering.

What does it take? It requires a certain skill-set to become a good author. If you have the skill-set it takes, writing could become a source of additional income you can explore.

You also may want to consider taking a digital marketing crash course. Digital marketing plays a major role in writing content due to the fact you're creating content for search engines. Articles must be optimized to be included in top search results of major search engines.

How can I become a Successful Writer?

It may sound obvious, but its important to learn how to become a freelancer to be successful. You could be the best author in the world, but you can find yourself wasting time and energy if you do not know the basics.

For starters, it is advised to pay attention to minor details. Details such as bio pages, portfolios, profile photos, contact information, social media, digital marketing and more.

An author's bio page needs to stand out. Making your profile stand out is one of the most important steps to becoming successful.

When clients are looking for people to complete projects, most clients will take a look at the profile first. Therefore, uploading a profile photo should be the first step. Your profile should include your skills, previous jobs and additional strengths. For instance, if you have a strong educational background you may want to include it in your bio.

Never create duplicate content, your content will be ignored, search engines only continue to get better. Additionally, duplicate content can start you off with a bad reputation. Contrary to that, there are many ways for people to detect duplicate content as well. It is vital to create original content, this is the only way to succeed. no shortcuts or easy way out unless you have a team or authors helping you.

For those seeking to earn cash for the long haul, you must understand the importance of completing projects in a timely manner. Completing projects on time is important. If you have a week to finish a project, be sure to have your project done within a week. If you have a history of finishing projects late, clients will not usually want to hire you for future projects.

Know your worth before you make a bid. It is important to research before you bid on any project. Browse around the site and get familiar with the community. Then look at the type of jobs you will be performing and the bidding aspect most importantly. Afterwards, you can determine how much you're able to charge with your work.

You should never overbid projects in which others are bidding on, you'll never get a job that way. Keeping your bids under other bids will increase your chances to win the bid on a project. It’s all about satisfying the customer.

List of Freelance Writing Gigs

Many individuals in America dream of finding ways to differentiate themselves from the middle and lower class. The thought of working a 9-5 is overwhelming for some these individuals. Not to mention, living paycheck to paycheck, rarely vacating and spending time with loved ones. These factors alone can become stressful. Many people resort to working from home, for these purposes.

How do you find the right agency to team up with? It will be completely up to you to develop leads. For beginners, a popular agency to start is As a digital content creator you can network with thousands of authors worldwide working from home by joining this network. Networking with fellow authors will help those who have questions or seeking to learn more. Most sites usually have forums for members to network.

Make Money Online Exploiting 28 Freelance Writing Gigs.

First you will need to find a company to team up with. Using more than one company can boost your income. Writers can find freelance writing gigs on the following platforms: Artisan Creative, Bestpickist, Bmichellepippin, BloggingPro,, ConstantContent, Contently,  Creativecircle, Fiverr, Flex jobs,  Freelancer, Freelancemom, Glassdoor, Greatescapepublishing, Guru, Healthylivingmagizine, iWriter, Mediabistro, Medium, Moneypantry, Ndash, Peopleperhour, Publoft, Robert Half, SelfPublishingSchool, Textbroker, thewriterfinder and Upwork.

For those seeking to find writing gigs locally, try out Craigslist. You may want to extend your research, in the event you don’t find an agency on this page that suit your needs.

How Much Money Can You Make?

The compensation you'll receive from freelance writing gigs is worth the time and effort. If you constantly create valuable content this marketplace can be profitable. On average, freelance writers earn $30 an hour. Nevertheless, the amount of online revenue you earn will depend on the website and your skills.

Thursday, December 19, 2019

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Get Paid Gigs

Gigs to Get Paid a Supplemental Income

  If you are looking for real ways to earn extra money to do the things you want to do; you can earn extra money from home capitalizing from a side hustle. Even more, you can begin earning extra money from home income instantly with no start up fees or gimmicks attached.

Furthermore, internet gigs do not require a college degree or qualified set of skills. Nevertheless, in most cases you are required to be at least 18 years old with a valid email account.

For individuals who meet those requirements, congratulations you've taken one step further to begin earning money from home. For those of you who do not meet those requirements, there's still hope depending on which country you reside in.

Intenet gigs are legit, trustworthy opportunities that provide individuals with real ways to earn from home. Companies with solid reputations developed these opportunities.

The best reason to join is the payment schedule. Typically, members get paid weekly, quarterly and monthly. Following the sign up process, you can start making money right away.

Freelance working concept

Get Paid Extra Money

Thanks to the internet, these days people can easily find real ways to earn additional income. There are several websites and apps that workers can pursue to get paid, earning a supplemental income.

There are several opportunities anyone can earn streams of income. Even more, these opportunities are different. You can get paid for technical skills, laborer skills and many other skills.

Pursuing side hustles enables you to earn additional income. You can easily add on to what your current stream(s) of income. Consequently, you put yourself in a better position to add funds to your bank account.

Utilizing your talent increases your chances to get paid for side hustles. As mention earlier, there are various opportunities to start generating revenue. However, you can make more money by exploiting multiple sources to earn streams of income.

Handyman Gigs

If you are a handyman or have general labor/construction skills, you're in luck. You can work offline as a handyman or general labor There are people looking to hire you for projects. More importantly, you get paid from gigs weekly for your services.

Usually, you will be asked to pass a background check. The background check goes back 7 years. Then you will be asked for a photo id and a profile picture. Finally, you can fill out your bio after completing the initial steps.

Takl - Takl is a platform that connects customers with providers that launched in 2016. The main work includes lawn mowing, hanging, light fixtures, moving furniture, gardening, house cleaning, waste removal, TV mounting, cleaning gutters, pressure washing, gutter cleaning and pantry organizing. However, upon request, other services can be provided.

Online Gigs

If you possess skills such as graphic designing, programming, digital marketing, writing and translating, giving relationship advice, music and audio or photography. There are many individuals seeking your talents as well.

Fiverr - For a long time the company listed compelling prices offering services for $5. Fast forwarding to 2019, these deals are not listed. However, if you're looking for individuals to complete projects for you, this is one of the better sites to get it done.

At you can find gigs that include graphic designing, logos, games, posters, fliers, business cards, postcards, social media and others including:

1. Music and audio - mastering, mixing, singers, songwriters, vocal tuning, producing, podcast editing and more.
2. Digital marketing - search media marketing, search engine marketing, consultation, on page optimization and content creating.
3. Writing and translation - resume writing, cover letters, case studies, articles and blog posts and technical writing.
4. Programming and tech - website building, mobile apps, eCommerce development, game development and web programming.
5. Business - virtual assistance, business planning, business advice, consultation, legal consulting, presentations, market research, analytics, data entry, product research, market research along with others.
6. Lifestyle - arts and crafts, relationship advice, viral videos, astrology readings, gamer coaching and online lessons.

On the other hand, if you are looking for work, you can charge people for what you're worth. There are tons of businesses and gurus who do business with Fiverr. Sellers that partner with this site earn a decent income.

As mentioned before, you can name your price. Customers will give positive ratings and feedback if you provide them with excellent service. Consequently, you will attract more customers.

Freelancer - In all honesty, this is a cool company that is trustworthy and legit. Signing up for a membership is absolutely free. More importantly, members can quickly find gigs and get paid.

The back office is user-friendly and easy to navigate with an amazing affiliate program. In addition, members can enter and post a contest at anytime for a cash reward. is a crowd-sourcing marketplace that currently employs over 40 million employees and freelancers around the world. The company has a global reach that service's 247 countries, regions and territories.

Freelancer offer gigs such as data entry, freelance writing, software development, sales and marketing, engineering and science, design media and architecture, product sourcing and manufacturing, business and accounting, human resources and legal, language and translation along with many others.