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Monday, April 13, 2020

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How to Make Money Online Vlogging

How to Make Money Vlogging

As far as I can remember, vlogging became extremely popular in 2005 on a social media platform called Myspace. During this period of time, members were able to embed YouTube videos on their profile page.

At that point in time, Myspace was the largest social media network in the world. Once Myspace realized the possibility of a threat in their SWOT analysis, they decided to ban YouTube embedded videos from their network. Nevertheless, it was too late, YouTube had already begun to take the internet by storm.

Since then YouTube emerged becoming the world's social video platform. The video marketplace has changed the way people see the world. In light of the internet, people are interested in watching digital footage.

It is undeniable social video content has an immense effect on people's everyday life globally. Mankind has never witnessed this type of impact. The world as we know has never experienced a mass group of diverse people looking forward to watching videologs (vlogs) to catch the latest news from people like themselves. People have the ability to deliver their story no matter their age, race, gender, religion, background or sexuality.

News content is being distributed by human beings worldwide. As a result, we see content from more of a diverse group of content creators. Consequently, billions of people watch footage on the platform and the number of viewers watching footage grows rapidly.

What is a Videolog?

Well, the best way to describe a videolog (vlog) is a short video clip that usually spans 60 seconds to 1 hour.

There are many types of videologs including; bereavement, personal, informative, live broadcasting, educational, conversational and automotive. Nonetheless, these days viewers ordinarily see two main styles. The first style is head to head, which is basically when

7 Ways to Make Money Vlogging

Make money online vlogging,, digital camera.

There are several ways to earn profits from a videolog. It's important to understand that every platform uses different monetizing strategies to earn revenue. Here are 7 ways to make money vlogging.
  1. Brand Deals
  2. Monetizing Ads
  3. Offer Paid Sponsorships
  4. Accept Donations
  5. Affiliate Products
  6. Selling Merchandise
  7. Selling Digital Products
Most publishers will tell you the only vlogging platform is YouTube. However, this is not correct by any means because there are several blogging communities. Nonetheless, you can find more monetizing strategies on YouTube which are; YouTube Partner Program, YT premium and Superchat and Superstickers. Here are a few YT Statistics;
  • Currently the world's largest active social video sharing platform.
  • Over a billion hours of footage is watched on YouTube's platform.
  • Nearly 2 billion users are active and login monthly.
  • Has a global reach of 91 countries.
  • YouTube reaches 91 countries around the world.
  • Nearly one third of the people who use the internet view content on YouTube.
  • An average user visits the platform 14 times a month. Actively remaining on the platform about 25 minutes per visit.
  • Over 400 hours of content is uploaded on the network every minute.
  • Translates content in 80 different languages.
  • Around 70% of the traffic comes from a mobile device.
  • Globally ranks as the 2nd largest search engine on the internet.
YouTube is the world's largest vlogging community. The statistics from YouTube’s video sharing platform reveals the interest of a majority of people using the internet.

At any rate, the video marketplace is definitely worth joining. The truth is there are many individuals that have secured financial independence through this industry. Members can create an account for free on YouTubes platform and start earning money right away. Even more, you can get started at any age. Of course, you will need parental permission to start earning revenue.

The monetization strategy you choose depends on the size of your audience. For instance, if you don't have a large audience you will not want to monetize ads.

Brand Deals

Brand deals are similar to paid sponsorships, but the only difference is your listing products for companies that have huge advertising budgets. If you get your page up and running with a huge following, there are companies that will pay you to mention or post their brand. There are influencers that earn $25,000 just for posting a product one time. Keep in mind, if you land a brand deal, the sky's the limit.

Monetizing Ads

Many business, influencers and entrepreneurs display advertisements on their content. For years content creators have displayed ads on their platforms to generate revenue. However, many newbies try to use this strategy as their main source of income. This can be frustrating because it takes thousands of views to earn money monetizing ads. Therefore, you should use more strategies to increase your profits.

Offer Paid Sponsorships.

How does sponsorships work? The content creators post individuals ads or mention their brands once or a few times during the film. There are times when the content creator even tests the product. The customers pay either a flat rate or pay for views.

Accept Donations

A nice way users can show their appreciation is by donating. The best way to do this is by showing users you make a difference. As mentioned above, you must create valuable content to be successful.

Affiliate Products

One of my favorites ways to make money online is by selling affiliate products. There are several reasons why these products are on my list of favorites. The main reason is these products are already popular, all you have to do is promote and watch the revenue rise. A few other reasons are; they’re free to promote, easy to market and associates earn generous commissions.

Selling Merchandise

The downside to selling merchandise is typically you’ll need a large following to earn big profits. On the flip side you can earn 100% profits because the product is yours. That is if you are selling your own products of course.

Selling Digital Products

Right now is the best time to promote any type of digital content you have on the web. If you have eBooks, apps, games or any other digital products you can list these items on your product description. If you list a link in the description, it would be wise to only promote products that are related to the topic. If you list links that are not related to the topic, you can find your video being penalized by search engines.

Sunday, February 09, 2020

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YouTube Monetization Strategies

Current YouTube Monetization Strategies

Several years ago, music artists were the main individuals benefiting from YouTube’s platform. Various musicians went from rags to riches overnight because they were able to reach millions on the social video platform.

However, the platform expanded now content creators, advertisers, viewers, marketers and businesses can benefit from the largest social video platform in the world.

Many monetizing strategies of have been implemented for content creators to benefit from over the past years. YouTube has made several efforts to provide publishers with more opportunities to make money. This has led to publishers generating more revenue. In fact, many publishers have increased their income from the latest YouTube monetization efforts.

There are mainly 8 strategies content creators exploit to get paid:
  1. A paid sponsorship.
  2. YouTube’s Partner Program.
  3. Selling merchandise.
  4. Promoting affiliate products.
  5. Promoting personal products.
  6. Advertising websites or blogs.
  7. YouTube premium.
  8. Super stickers and super chat.
  9. Monetizing ads on platforms.
YouTube's platform is the most dominant social video sharing site in the world. Most people around the world use the platform to view video content.

Given these points, most businesses use YT to promote their products and brands because most of their customers are on the site watching videos. As a result, a window of opportunity is open for content creators to earn generously.

YouTube monetization strategies, iphone in background.

How Does a YouTuber Get Paid

Monetizing ads is the main way publishers make money. Currently a publisher must have 1000 subscribers to become eligible to monetize ads. However, over the last year several publishers are relying on alternative strategies to make money due to overcrowding. Once people started to realize that they can start generate a paycheck on YT, thousands on people became influencers.

Earning from a paid sponsorship is the second major way a YouTuber can get paid. Many content creators are beginning to implement this strategy to increase revenue.

Content creators used to generate generous sums of revenue, making money from ads years ago. Nonetheless, ad revenue have decreased over time. Consequently, daily more content creators are trying to find additional opportunities to get paid.

Monetizing Ads

Let's start at the beginning to see where the money comes and where the money goes. So we can discover How Does a YouTuber Get Paid. For instance, say you're a business owner selling skin care products. You've recently started your business enterprise. It cost you roughly $2000 to finance your enterprise.

Now that your business is up and running, you are looking to make a few sales and begin capitalizing to see a return. Therefore, you choose to become an influencer and market your products with hopes of driving traffic to your business.

The product you have is unique, one of a kind. There's not a company in the marketplace that carries merchandise like yours. Your products are one of a kind and will sell itself. All you need to do is get customers to your site.

Therefore, you're willing to pay for advertisements. You sign up for a Google ad-words account and start a marketing campaign. For ad placements, you choose YT to show your ads.

Pay Per Click (PPC) or Pay Per Impression (PPE)

Finally, you're up and running with ads being advertised on the #1 social video site online. Your advertisement appears on a monetizing video. The viewer watching the video has been looking for skin care products for the last 3 months. This viewer likes the ad and decides to click through and purchase the product.

To sum it up, the advertiser pays Google to advertise their product or brand. The advertiser has a few options, they can choose to pay for clicks or pay for impressions. For instance, you pay $50 for 10,000 impressions or $50 for 200 click troughs.

Then google pays the content creator either for clicks or per impression. Please note, these are not real or actual numbers, just examples. Therefore, the money comes from advertisers. This is one strategy content creators used to earn.

This is how it works; a publisher will allow advertisers to display advertisements on their videos while viewers are watching. As previously mentioned, some advertisers pay for impressions and others pay per click.

When the video is played typically you will see a 5 - 15 second advertising campaign. This advertisement will be shown in one of three places, the beginning of the video, the middle of the video or the end of the video.

Earning Money From Paid Sponsorships

Paid sponsorships are starting to dominate many platforms. Many creators are currently relying on this promotional strategy as a source of revenue. The reason why this method is becoming so dominant is due to the fact, there are many ways to charge customers to promote their ad.

One method to earn from paid promotions is mentioning a product separately from your video. You can charge customers to mention their product or brand at the beginning, middle or end of your video.

Another method is when a video host posts products via text throughout the entire video. This way the audience can view the contact information throughout the video. A website or blog URL is typically the contact information that customers choose to post.

Demonstrating the customer's product is a popular promotional strategy that is commonly used by YouTubers. The video host will physically demonstrate how the product works, then give positive reviews about the product.

Saturday, December 07, 2019

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How to Make Money on YouTube

How to Make Money on YouTube

  Individuals can become financially independent after learning How to Make Money on YouTube. Of course, success does not happen overnight. Like any other business, it takes time, research and dedication to become successful. However, you can become successful and generate wealth if you devote yourself to learning how to make money on YouTube. In fact, if you put your best foot forward, you can become a top influencer and get paid every month.

Nowadays you don't have to be a famous musician, comedian, or popular guru to make money on YouTube. You can be yourself and get paid uploading content videos. In fact, you can become a publisher and monetize videos. To be honest you can become a creator and make a living uploading content. More importantly, you can make a social impact and change the world as you see it.

How do you Make Money on YouTube?

YouTube logo man on top on company logo.

The world's most dominant video sharing platform provides a network for companies, businesses, brands, influencer's and entrepreneurs to increase exposure to their brand or products. In addition, the network has created a pathway for partners to influence and make money online monetizing video content. In fact, over the last five years, YouTube's network has paid over 2 billion dollars to publishers who monetize their videos.

A number of businesses and institutions engage with their audience through social videos. For instance, universities have been known to use the platform to engage with prospective students.

Some businesses use the platform to engage with their employees. A few methods businesses use to  engage with their staff is by uploading seminars and providing teaching and training footage.

By the same token, large companies, small companies, influencers and entrepreneurs use their channel for engaging with current and prospective customers.

At any rate, a majority of individuals who use the platform to catch the latest news, movies, gossip among other forms of entertainment. When in fact the minority use the platform to get paid uploading videos.

The individuals that make up the minority are influencers who make money from monetizing content, sponsored ads, affiliate programs, their own brand and products along with other opportunities as well.

On the other hand, the individuals that come to the platform for entertainment are provided with free content. Individuals can view pre-recorded videos or live stream videos from celebrities, businesses owners, content creators, t.v shows, documentary films, music videos and much more. In other words, the video sharing platform provides just about every type of video content you could imagine.

How can you Start Earning Money?

Over the last decade, many associates have partnered with YouTube's network to make money online. Average people are earning residual incomes becoming content creators. Some associates who influence get paid hundreds (US) every month, while others earn thousands monthly. In fact, there are some associates earning millions of dollars on a monthly basis.

Step 1. Create an account

If you are currently using G-mail as a source for sending and receiving emails, two thumbs up. You have already completed the initial step. For those who do not have any accounts associated with Google, signing up for a G-mail account is free.

Step 2. Choose a topic for your channel

It is highly recommended choosing a topic that you're familiar with when starting your channel. In other words, begin with your niche, a topic you're passionate about. It allows you to provide valuable content as a content creator.

Moreover, when people have a decent amount of knowledge about a subject, they tend to work more consistently and diligently. For the most part, people love working on things they enjoy. By the same token quality, videos must be uploaded fairly regularly in order for your channel to be successful.

Step 3. Find your Niche

A niche in the business world is a topic that you enjoy. A niche can also be viewed as an area that you specialize in. As a content creator, choosing a niche topic should enable you to create valuable content. Which should give viewers more of a reason to view your're channel.

Utilizing your niche allows you to be more flexible. Imagine yourself working from home, creating your own schedule, spending more time with friends and family. Doing what you love or enjoy doing for a living. Life can definitely be more enjoyable. Here are a few questions to think about.
  1. Can you show people how to do things? Can you show people how to fix cars, computers, ride bikes, raise kids, get jobs, write resumes, tie shoes or how to correctly floss your teeth.
  2. What problems can you solve? Can you answer problems concerning marriages, anger issues, websites, blogs or dating.
  3. Which questions can you answer? Can you answer questions about math, reading, health, food and nutrition, mental illness, sports, or religion.
  4. Which talent fits your character? Are you a talented musician, dancer, comedian, actor or actress, football, basketball, baseball, fishing, golfing, juggling, running, photographer or hair stylist?
Your idea does not have to come from this list. These are a few ideas to get your mind going. It's ultimately up to you to decide what fits you best. However, keep in mind your chances of success increases when you choose an idea you're passionate about.

Step 4. Choose methods to monetize

Any influencer of age can get paid to upload videos. Typically, those who are not of age can conduct business through a legal parent or guardian.

How you choose to make money on YT is up to you. You can make money utilizing affiliate products, YT Partner Program, Google adsense, YouTube Red Subscription Channel, promote websites or blogs or sell your own products.

Eligible countries to become a partner Algeria, Argentina, Azerbaijan, Australia, Bahrain, Belarus, Belgium, Bolivia, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Brazil, Bulgaria, Canada, Chile, Columbia, Costa Rica, Croatia, Cyprus, Czech Republic, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Egypt, El Alvarado, Estonia, Finland, France, Georgia, Germany, Ghana, Greece, Guatemala, Honduras, Hong Kong, Hungary, Iceland, India, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Italy, Jamaica, Japan, Jordan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kuwait, Latvia, Lebanon, Libya, Liechtenstein, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Macedonia, Malaysia, Malta, Mexico, Montenegro, Morocco, Netherlands, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Norway, Oman, Pakistan, Panama, Paraguay, Peru,, Philippines, Poland, Portugal, Puerto Rico, Qatar, Republic of Ireland, Romania, Russia, Senegal, Serbia, Singapore, Saudi Arabia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Taiwan, Tanzania, Thailand, Tunisia, Turkey, Uganda, Ukraine, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, United States, Uruguay, Vietnam, Yemen, Zimbabwe.
  • Affiliate products - Selling affiliate products can help influencers that do not have a business. Affiliate programs provide publishers with a business opportunity to earn extra money on the side and be their own boss. Why not partner with a popular company that has established their brand in the marketplace.
  • Create a Brand with Yondov - Yondo offers a few different ways for users to make money. You can earn money monetizing webinars, live videos or live classes. Members can also get paid selling monthly subscriptions or pre-recorded pay per view videos. In other words you can use Yondo to create your brand. Then began promoting your business as you see fit. You can sell video courses, webinars or subscriptions.
  • Google-adsense - You have to be approved through (YPP) to begin monetizing. Ad placement is the most popular strategy to make money on this platform. threw google adsense. A majority of You-tubers use this method due to the fact it's user friendly and already within the platform. Not to mention its the largest advertisement placement network in the world.
  • Product Placement - You can get paid 100 percent profit by placing your own product. More importantly you do not have to split the money you make with anyone. The money you make is all yours. By far this strategy has the most earning potential.
  • Promote website or blog - It can be extremely beneficial to utilize social video sites for site promotion. In fact many companies apply social video marketing to their marketing plan. It provides brand owners the opportunity to present powerful visuals to their customer base. Besides, some of their customers are using the platform to watch videos anyway, why not use the opportunity to promote.
  • Super Chat and Super Stickers - Super Chat and Super Stickers are only available through live chat. These offer ways to connect with fans through live chat. Fans can pay for your message to be highlighted within a live chat. In order to be eligible; you must have at least 1000 subscribers, be at least 18 years old, and live in an eligible county.
  • YouTube's merchandise shelf - YT partners must be 18 years old and have at least 10,000 subscribers in order to be eligible to sell merchandise.
  • YT Partner Program (YPP) - There are certain requirements that a publisher must meet before joining (YPP). (1)The publisher must have an active adsense account. (2) Publishers also must have watched 4000 hours in the last twelve months. (3) Content creators must have at least 1000 subscriptions. (4) Publishers must follow all YT monetization policies. (5) Live in a country where partnership is available.
  • YT Premium - YouTube's premium channel allows customers to enjoy their channel ad free. You must have at least 1000 active subscribers to offer YouTube premium on your channel. The revenue you earn is based on how many members watch your content. Customers that purchase a premium feature must be of age 18 years or older.

Step 5. Marketing your channel

Marketing your channel will definitely boost your traffic. Which will lead to you making more money as a content creator. By strategically marketing your video will take your traffic to a whole new level.

Basically strategic marketing is a process that focuses on detailed steps or a blueprint to successfully reach and sustain your overall end goals. In a nutshell, strategic planning focuses on the corporation (you), customers (viewers), and competition (others with similar videos).

A strategic marketing plan should be put in place to help your channel for the long haul. This is a very important part of the process. Many content creators create videos without mapping out a long term strategy. By properly executing the strategic marketing process you can evaluate your long term goals, competition, business environment, weaknesses, strengths and identify new business opportunities
    Analyzing your viewers

    Understanding your viewers benefits both you and the view. By understanding the viewers, you will know their likes and dislikes which enables you to provide services on the personal level. As a result, the influencer develops a relationship which can lead to the viewer subscribing to their channel.

    Analyzing your competition

    This involves understanding your strengths and weaknesses and an analytical comparison of you vs rivals. You must also consider the possibility of threats from competitors that may interfere with your objectives. It is important to learn about your competition before starting your channel. Identifying those in the same niche as yourself can give you a competitive advantage.